Media List

Eco-Sense: Media from 2006 to 2017…

YAM Magazine (Spring 2017):

Four short documentaries on Earthen Architecture in our region (Eco-Sense is featured in episode 1):

Filmed by Peak Moment TV when Janaia and Robyn visited us a couple years ago. Excellent video on our chicken coop and root cellar. Grow your Food in a Nook and Cranny Garden (part 1) Watch for the jumping chicken.

Here is part 2 of a garden tour filmed by Peak Moment TV about 3 years ago when we were just starting the food forest…sure looks different now, but still a great video.

Ann’s IslandGals articles from 2010-2012.  Check out website for subscription info.

BC Hydro Internal publication regarding the net metering program.  Features Eco-Sense.  Dec 17/2012  Net Metering Program Helps Customers Offset Electrical Load

CTV BC News segment on Extreme Green Homes in BC.

West Shore Magazine fall/winter 2012:  link

West Shore TV:  5 minute video of Eco-Sense…well done.  link

SotoKoto Magazine in Japan:  not available online.  Long article on the home with lots of pictures…have no idea what they said, but it focused on the family.

YES Magazine.  summer 2012

Your ECO Friend – detailed blog post from a couple touring North America to write a book on Green architecture.  They did a very good job on the article and photos.

Photo of our home on CNN international

Oct 5th, 2011 Goldstream Gazette.  Losing Inches on a Carbon Waistline

Nov 2011 issue of Canadian Geographic for the Shell Canada Energy Diet Challenge

Island Gals. Various articles by Ann.  Pick up a free copy around town.

Eco-Sense Blogs on the Canadian Geographic website for the Energy Diet Challenge

Article on Earthen floors (french) – La Maison Du 21e siecle  Plancher argile   Eco-Sense method of Earthen Floors – translated into French.  Here

Here is a link to recent article in the Times Colonist, Calgary Harald, and Ottawa Citizen.  Lots of photos. July 2011

West Shore Magazine, August 2010

Sierra Magazine Spring 2011- article written by Tom Cruickshank of Harrowsmith   link

Harrowsmith Magazine June 2010

Builders News August 2010

Shaw TV Spring 2011

Goldstream Gazette:  November 11, 2010 Highlands House Deemed “Living Building”

Press release:

Certified LBC projects:

USA Today:

UTUBE clip of Gord and Ann:

Mother Nature Network:

Building Green:

Eco-Structure Magazine:




Rainbow water Coalition:

CBC radio On-The-Island Oct 18, 2010

Rob Aid blog:


Custom Home Online:  November 2010 – link here

BCSEA WATT’s Happening:  here Watt on Earth is a “Living Building”

Business in Vancouver:  Oct 18, 2010 – by subscription only

Inhabitat: architecture magazine

Goldstream Gazette (10 articles from April 2006 – Oct 2008)

Vancouver Sun (three articles)

The Province (two articles)

Times Colonist (two articles)

CanWest News (Various papers across Canada Sept 2008)

Granville Magazine (spring 2008)

Focus Magazine (Dec 2007)

Monday Magazine (March 2008)

Calgary Herald (Sept 2008)

Royal BC Museum Exhibit – Stories of You Me and BC – Full size photo of us in themuseum – exhibit runs from March 2008 to Jan 2009

Front cover of the RBCM Publication “Free Spirit – Stories of You, Me, and BC” byGerald Truscott.

Free Spirit Conservation tour.  Project of the RBCM and BC Hydro.  Inclusion of a modelof our home, photos of us, our house, and our energy efficient kitchen.  Travelingroad show to six BC cities throughout October and November 2008.

CBC radio (three times)

CFUV (three times)

Globe and Mail (Aug 2007)

CBC National TV News (Jan 2008)

A-Channel News (Dec 2007 and Sept 2008)

Knowledge Network Documentary (Spring 2008)

Shaw TV (June 2006 and August 2008 and ???)

Peak Moment TV  (2007 – ongoing across the US)

Boulivard Magazine Aug/sept 2010

Monday Magazine April 2009

Goldstream Gazette (a few more times)

101 Solutions to global Climate Change by Guy Dauncey (Eco-Sense is Solution 1)

Shaw TV Summer 2009

Peak Moment TV Documentary (Sept 2010)

Powerful a Documentary by David Chernecheno (fall 2010)

Arcade Magazine (guest contributor for article on Rain Water Harvesting)

Presentation at Royal Roads for “Building as if People Mattered” conference Mar 2010

Panel + presentation “Green Building, Sustainable Building, Natural Building” Mar 2010

Green building panel Organic Islands Festival July 2010 utube

Guest Lecture for Energy section at UVIC Green building Course for Builders/Engineers

Daily Journal of Commerce Nov 2009.  Article on the Living Building Challenge withmention and photo of Eco-Sense

CBC Radio August 2009 (interview on Cob bathroom)

Chek TV – Island 30 Story.  Jan 2009

Architectural Record:  Living Building and Eco-Sense

Natural Life Magazine coming Jan/Feb 2011

Plus many more…

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