Eco-Sense “Greenest Modern Home on Earth”

Living Buildings ARE possible.

Eco-Sense achieved 4 of the 6 petals (12 of 16 prerequisites), and has achieved partial Living Building Status.

Eco-Sense is the “Greenest Modern Home on Earth”,  quote from Jason McLennan, CEO of Cascadia Chapter of the US and Canadian Green Building Council.
We were the quickest home to get registered, finished, and audited under the Living Building Challenge.  There are, we are sure, many other greener homes out there, but I guess we are the official “Greenest Modern Home”.
Check out the ILBI link. They are accepting videos from all over the world on the Living Building Site.  See press release.
For us this announcement of partial Living Building certification and petal achievement in will facilitate the telling of our story…We believe that our collective future depends upon telling new cultural stories with inspiring real life examples.
Looking forward to the next chapters…
Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of our work.
Ann and Gord Baird
Utube video of us Congratulating the two FULLY certified Living Buildings.

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