NEW for 2018: Presentation and workshop series for RADICAL LEARNING: The MUD Room @ Eco-Sense.    We will teach some of these and partner with other teachers/facilitators.  See Eventbrite page for current listings and registration.

  • FREE Food Forestry presentation on Sunday Oct 14th at the Highlands Community Hall.  Here’s the details:

Topics Include:

  •  WATER: 
    • Responsible Water Alternatives: Rain water, grey water, living roofs, compost toilets
    • Essential Composting Toilets – From WasteStream to MainStream
      • For policy makers and regulators
      • For home owners
      • Based on our new book “Essential Composting Toilets” Published by New Society in Oct 2018
    • Rain Water Harvesting for potable and non-potable system

Future Ideas for workshops (or past workshops held in the MUDRoom @ Eco-Sense)

    • 3-Thirds Lifestyle:  What is it and how do you get there
    • Non-Toxic Living:  Food, home, products, health, biome
    • Re-Wilding your body:  Your biome inside and outside
    • Non-violent communication (NVC)
      • Intro course
      • course series for diving deep
      • Couples
    • Grief: How to face our human predicament with tears, power, and grace
  • FOOD:
    • Soil Building
    • Eco-Sense top perennial food plants for radical resilience
    • Building raised garden beds: explore types, how-to, materials, and benefits.
    • Resource Recovery garden wash stand for worm poop compost tea: 2 hour class to learn about this essential garden system, materials list, and where to source.  Together, the class will build one wash stand.
    • Food Preservation
      • Cheese
      • Fermentation
      • Drying
  • EMERGENCY PREPARATION: Preparing for short and long term disruption
    • Risk assessment and planning: Emergency kit, food. water, waste, family, Community
  • ENERGY – How, what, where, who, and why:  Learn the basics about off-grid, on-grid, net metering, energy budgets, lifestyles, batteries, panels, inverters, micro inverters, do-it-yourself, hiring professionals.
    • Starting a co-op or social enterprise
    • Thinking in 5 capitals: Natural, Human, Social, Financial, Manufactured

Other basic topics include:

  • The Eco-Sense Story
  • Sustainable design
  • Compost Toilets for regulators, polity makers, and inspectors
  • Compost Toilets for home owners
  • Responsible Water Alternatives
  • Technical Research on the Eco-Sense home
  • Plant and Food systems
  • Urban Homesteading
  • Eco-Sense and the LBC

We can design a presentation to meet your groups needs – please contact us to discuss your desired outcome, the nature of the audience, and fees.  Due to our strict adherence to decreasing our carbon footprint, we will not fly to do presentations.

Contact us:    or

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