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Media Links:  Click here for a full list of Eco-Sense in the media. info:

Info Sheet on the Eco-Sense home:  EcoSense general info sheet

Videos/articles we like (actually, “like” is not really the appropriate word):

  • Video presentation by Guy McPherson.  Link to video and Guy’s blog Nature Bats Last
  • Radio talk on Guy McPherson’s presentation:
  • Radio show with Paul Beckwith (climate scientist U. of Ottawa)
  • Blog by Dave Pollard,
  • blog by Carolyn Baker,
  • And if you still have fragments of hope…here is a great exploration of how to share the message.  Bill Moyers interview with Anthony Leiserowitz
  • Fast paced lecture/presentation by Kevin Anderson, climate scientist. Keeping the earth below a 2 deg C rise in global temp. is not possible and the scientists all know it…they just wont say it.
    Mitigation is not possible…but it gets worse…adaptation is not possible either. The only hope is for global human honesty and hoping we can come up with something WAY outside the box of current thinking.  Link to presentation, link to radio show
  • IEA (International Energy Agency) warns that we only have 5 years to make majors changes towards reducing greenhouse gases or we face runaway climate change
  • Inspiring and helpful video to make sense of our planets predicament.  Joanna Macy here.  Three ten minute parts from 2009 Bioneers conference.
  • Excellent Ted talk by Paul Stamets on natures fungal internet.  Even if you’re not a budding mycologist you will be inspired by what our partners the Fungi are doing to heal our world.   Ted Talk here
  • Earthrise.   New online upbeat solutions documentary…each half hour episode has 3-4 inspirational stories/solutions.  SIX episodes are out.   Excellent!  Our new favourite show.
  • Greenhouse gases rise by record amount. Levels of greenhouse gases are higher than the worst case scenario outlined by climate experts just four years ago.  Article in the Guardian
  • Posting this one again.  Keynote by Gwynne Dyer to 2011 BC Power Smart convention.

Bill Reese lecture – A MUST WATCH (intro is about 5 minutes and then it gets good)

Joanna Macy speaks to uncertainty – this is really good

Vandana Shiva Amazingly wise woman.  Physicist and Ecologist

Charles Eisenstein 49 minutes of brilliance…For years I have thought about a monetary system that mimics nature. This talk has had a profound impact upon me and it covers everything from ecology, economic collapse, finite resources, decaying currency, abundance, biomimicry, and spirituality. WOW!!! I am now excited about the future. What story are you living in?

Eco-Sense Links – people involved during the construction of Eco-Sense

Alternative Electric – Mike Isbrucker – Electrician – Sustainable Energy supplier

250-85-SOLAR  (250-857-6527)

A-Tech Plumbing & Heating – Byron Merriam – Plumber and solar hot water installer


Building Alternatives – Kris Dick, Ph.D, P.Eng – Structural Engineer

250-866-3521 University of Manitoba Staff

Earthscape Homes – Ben Macklin – Natural building


Energy Alternatives – Kevin Pegg – Sustainable Energy supplier (store/online)


GBL LED Lighting – Ryan Edson – Supplier of LED lighting


Houses That Love You Back – Elke Cole – natural House Design and Consultation

ID2 Communications – Valerie Elliott and Stephan Jacob – Website design


Naturescape Deer Fencing.  Almost invisible fencing used in our difficult terrain.  Made from polypropylene.

Raincoast Homes – Cindy McCaugherty – Natural, Environment-based CAD design


Thermomax – Patrick Spearing – Solar Thermal Technologies – supplier


Websites and contacts: Other sites we know well

ASRi – Alternative Solutions Resource Initiative –

BCSEA – BC Sustainable Energy Association –

Cascadia Chapter Green Building Council –

Earth Future – Guy Dauncey –

Goodvin Designs – Christina Goodvin (BEng, MASc, E.I.T., Mechanical Engineering) specializing in solar thermal heating

Gower Design Group – John Gower MA RD.AIBC – small, green and beautiful design


International Living Building Institute The Living Building Challenge –

Masonry Heaters  – photos and contacts

Peak Moment Conversations – Local solutions – mini documentaries

Permaculture BC – Links to information, courses, and all kinds of great people.

The Natural Building Site – Steve Satow


OUR EcoVillage

WeGo Solar – Sustainable Energy Supplier (online)


BC Building blogs we follow:

Canadian Family Robinson – Blog for load bearing cob home (Gord helped in 2010)

Darfield Earthship – blog for building an earthship in 2010

Stoltz Bluff – blog for building a load bearing cob home (Gord helped in 2010

General Links: Learn about the Garry Oak Ecosystem – Create one in your yard.  Lots of how to info to get you started.  We have created one on our living roof.  BEAUTIFUL!!!

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  1. Looking around the new site on my iPhone. Couldn’t find a library of pics to show.

    • Photos are there on the right…the website shows three photos and you can click below to be sent to our flickr site with lots more photos of the house and the entire construction process.

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