Plants & Farm Sales

Plant list and prices
FARM ADDRESS:  3295 Compton Road, Victoria, BC  

This is our updated price and availability list.   We have many more items naturalized into our gardens, so If you don’t see something, send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Plant nursery is open by private appointment only.

PLEASE NOTE that we DO NOT SHIP any of our plants or tubers.
Email or for appointments or questions.

  • We sell perennial edible plants at Eco-Sense
  • Also available will be extra items like eggs and extra fruit/veggies as available
  • Custom Grafting:  Please contact Gord for your custom grafting requirements.

Below are some of the plants we offer for sale (we do not ship our plants).  It is organized as follows – links to specific section at the top, followed by a running list of everything.  So if you are specifically searching you can go to the section of interest.

On online inventory sheet is updated regularly and includes quantity of items and prices (GST included)

Fruits and Berries

Nuts and Edible Seeds

Nitrogen Fixers

Useful Trees and shrubs

Roots and Tubers

Herbaceous, Annual and Perennial Veggies, Seeds

Tea and Tea Related

Perennial Veggies:

The List


  • Black Currants   (Ben Tirran, Ben Hope, Ben Connan, consort, Tiben)
  • White  Currant     (Swedish White currant)
  • Red Currant

Josta Berry (black currant X gooseberry)


  • Captivator Red
  • Hinomaki yellow gooseberry (Sold out for 2015)
  • Hinomaki Red gooseberry

Cornelian Cherry

  • 2 cultivars sold as set for Cross Pollination (Pioneer, Elegant)

Seabuckthorn (SBT) or SeaBerry

  • Russian and German varieties, sold in cross pollinating sets
  • Russian:  Titan (f), Star of Alta (f), Botanica (f) pollinating male
  • German:  Golden Sweet (f), Orange Energy (f), Hergo (f), Sirola (f) pollinating male

Black Elderberry

  • 3 cultivars  – Nova, York, Korsor
  • Nova and York sold as a cross-pollinating pair


  • Red Gem, Sweet Scarlett

Hazelnuts (EFB resistant varieties)

  • Theta, Jefferson, Yamhill, Gamma, Eta, Sacajawea
  • From Oregon State University breeding program

Autumn Olive

  • 2 cultivars Ruby, Amber

Fuzzy Kiwi

  • Hayward (f), Saanichtn 12 (f), Fuzzy male

Hardy Kiwi

  • 3 female cultivars Michigan, Anna, Issai (Issai partially self fertile),
  • 2 males Andrey and a male

Arctic Kiwi

  • male and female

Sezchuan Pepper tree

  • Self fertile


Thornless blackberries


  • Himrod  (green table and juice) seedless
  • Vanessa (red table and juice) seedless
  • Sweet mystery grape – seedless
  • Flame raison grape – seedless
  • Soveriegn Coronation (purple table and juice) – seedless
  • Fredona (table)
  • Pinot Noir (wine)
  •  Steuben
  • Castel (red wine)

Shiny Leaf Yellowhorn – (Chinese macadamia)

Mulberry – Black and Russian (white)

  • Black:  Pakisitan Black(tall),  Black Italian – Morus nigra (med.), Illionois everbearing(short)

American Persimmon (Diospyros virginianna)

Japanese Persimmon (Diospyris kaki)

  • Izu
  • nikita’s gift
  • fuyu

Paw Paw

Hardy Pecan (Carya illinoinensis)

Black Locust

Honey Locust

Walnuts, Heartnut, carpathian

Russian Olive

European Olives

Siberian Ginseng

Russian SWEET Almond (Prunus tenella)



  • Desert King (to 20 feet)
  • Negronne dwarf black (to 8 feet)
  • Peter’s Honey
  • Chicago hardy dwarf
  • more

Tea (Camelia sinensis var cultivars)

Perennial Leek (allium ampeloprasum)

Plus lots more. Check out the full and current inventory listing at the top of this post.

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