Our Services

Fall 2018.  We are shifting to the next phase of our lives and focusing on:

  • Our second term on council with the District of Highlands (2018-2022)
  • Consulting for Rain Water and Compost Toilet Systems,
  • Policy Consulting,
  • Promotion of our book, “Essential Composting Toilets“, (see below for buying details)
  • Workshops, presentations, and speaking engagements
  • The Eco-Sense Nursery.  We will continue to have ten open farm days per year, six days in the spring and four in the fall), and always open to booking a private nursery appointment.

We are shifting away from the focus on us and on tours of the homestead and will only do an occasional tour.  However, our blogposts will still cover many day to day stories, photos, and experiences of our life.

Rain Water Harvesting Design:

Compost Toilet Design

  • email Gord@eco-sense.ca

“Essential Composting Toilets” a Book by Gord Baird and Ann Baird

  • website at www.essentialcompostingtoilets.com
  • How to PURCHASE our book:
    1. Buy this book dirrectly from the publisher using this link, and we will get a small commission.
    2. Buy from us at our workshops or speaking engagements (note that we do not ship our books)
    3. Buy from your local bookstore
    4. Buy online from Amazon

Consulting Services

  • email Gord@eco-sense.ca

Workshops at Eco-Sense (email ann@eco-sense.ca):

Presentations and Speaking Engagements

  • Gord travels to venues in the region to give presentations on various topics including:  (email gord@eco-sense.ca)
    • Rain Water Harvesting
    • Essential Composting Toilets – From WasteStream to MainStream
    • Responsible Water Alternatives
    • Resilient Food Systems
    • The Eco-Sense Story
    • Custom Presentations

Eco-Sense Nursery and Custom Grafting

2 responses to “Our Services

  1. Hi,
    I’m very interested in learning how to build a cob home. I live in lethbridge, alberta. Do you offer any courses?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Dave, Sorry we are not offering any cob building courses at this time. Cob may not be the most appropriate building material in Alberta…have you considered straw bale? I would only consider building with cob in your climate if your building site is in full sun and including a well insulated north wall with lots of other passive solar features. Of course if you are building REALLY small (<200sqft) cob could still make sense as it would be easy to heat. Lots of companies around offering natural building courses.
      All the best.

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