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The consequence of us trying to lead a more sustainable life, building a mud home and pooping into a bucket, is that it has afforded us to spend a lot of time just sitting and thinking.  Joking aside, we have learned a lot and it is the perfect time to share the information we have gleaned from our research, our own hands on, and from the “learning opportunities” we experienced so far in our journey.  We want to share these lessons and information with you covering  solar thermal, solar pv, rainwater, greywater, sustainable building  systems, food preservation, code and policy, plants for our changing climate, applied permaculture, living roof systems, life skills and more…    we have become specialists at being generalists.

How we provide what we have learned to aid you:


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2 responses to “Our Services

  1. Hi,
    I’m very interested in learning how to build a cob home. I live in lethbridge, alberta. Do you offer any courses?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Dave, Sorry we are not offering any cob building courses at this time. Cob may not be the most appropriate building material in Alberta…have you considered straw bale? I would only consider building with cob in your climate if your building site is in full sun and including a well insulated north wall with lots of other passive solar features. Of course if you are building REALLY small (<200sqft) cob could still make sense as it would be easy to heat. Lots of companies around offering natural building courses.
      All the best.

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