Consulting Services

Consulting Rate:                                                    $85/hr

Site Visit within Greater Victoria:            $120 + Consulting time

Site Visit outside Greater Victoria:           $0.52/km + $20/hr travel time +Consulting time

Site Visit to Gulf Islands:                              $400 /day + ferry costs

Building your own home?

We can help you decide:

  • site location and initial design considerations
  • building systems (cob, cellulose, wood chip clay, load bearing, stick frame, etc)
  • assess and source appropriate materials
  • assess and source appropriate professionals (designers, builders, electricians)…
  • teach you onsite how to do it – plumbing, building, plastering
  • Stick handling policy and code
  • assess appropriate technologies for water systems, heating, energy systems, and resource recovery
  • provide resources, links, moral support and more…

Often consulting goes hand in hand with hands on teaching, whether it be cob, earthen plasters and floors, lime plaster, grey water, hydronics and heating, water filtration systems and more.   When we get our hands dirty, we have different rates that apply.

8 responses to “Consulting Services

  1. HI I am just wondering if you have any Szechwan pepper trees left? i would love to get one. My Neighbor visited you last weekend and told me bout you and i checked out your website. Looks really fantastic! unfortunately i work saturdays till about 2 but maybe i could come out another time that would be convenient to you.
    thank you
    clif leir

    • Hi Cliff, We have one left…however they are only marginally self fertile on their own…we usually only sell them in pairs. You are of course welcome to buy it and wait until later this fall or next spring to pair it up. They are beautiful plants and grow quickly. We can make arrangements for you to come out later if you would like. Ann

      • That would be fantastic yes I’ll take it and then Get another one in the fall or spring as well.
        I will head out there after work might not be till three that I get there thank you so much see you later

  2. Christina and Alan

    We’ld like to develop a plan for our home to transition to solar and wind power over time. Are you available to come to our home and check things out and help us to understand the steps, costs, opportunities? It would be great to have you as consultants as our first step!

    • Hi Christina and Alan. This is the sort of thing we do, where we can observe your needs, provide some guidance, provide lots of info, avoid the pitfalls, and so on. Just email or phone us and we can share more details. or 250-478-2680. Cheers.

  3. Christina Peacock

    Thank you for making time a year ago to come to our home and have a conversation with us about reducing our home energy consumption. We learned a lot over a cup of tea!! Your suggestions to better understand phantom energy consumption and then to shift to LED lightbulbs made a significant difference in our usage rates. And you suggested Mike Geldrich and Power to the People in terms of solar panels. In August, we had panels put on our roof (the day before the rain started….) and are thrilled to see the amount of energy they are producing…. and are now actually excited to see our next hydro bill. Gord, by listening in such a non-judgemental and encouraging way, chatting about options available, and suggesting steps, you helped us develop our own do-able plan for moving forward. We are so appreciative of the knowledge and experiences that you and Ann are always so willing and enthusiastic to share. Thank you!

    • Christina Thank you for sharing your experience. I have to say that the comment is wonderful and really made both Ann and I well up, a wonderful feeling know our hopes and goals to help others accomplish their goals are being realized. I also appreciate your desire to take the time to share as often in our busy world we think to do such things but not act… thank you again.
      Gord and Ann

  4. I am a 61 year old single woman and so want to have a place to grow things. I am on disability. I see no way to create the kind of existent I long for. However, another part of me knows where there is a will there is a way. A couple years ago I visited the Bullok’s permaculture place on Orcas island, so inspiring. I have long wished to just have some land to build a cob shelter to live in til I die. I have been a medical massage therapist for 30 years and was a nurse and yoga teacher in the past. Any suggestions would be a blessing.

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