How To Booklets

This page offers several PDFs with information related to our services and informational documents we have written.  Also check back to our website on the  builders page at

EcoSense general info sheet – A little background on the home

Workshop Booklets: These are notes that we put together to help people get started.  They are by no means complete and one also has to adjust local materials so we do not guarantee and results.  This is simply what we have done and have described to the best of our ability.  We strongly support experimentation and consulting other resources.  Each of these booklets took many hours to write.  The floors and counters booklet is due to be updated as we have learned much this year and have fine tuned our process.  If you find the booklet informative and useful and can afford to do so, please consider a small financial contribution so that we may continue in our work.   3295 Compton Road, Victoria, BC  V9E 1C8

2010 Earthen Plaster Notes

2010 Floors and Counters notes

Grey Water Course 2010

Eco-Sense Worm biofilter:  supplement to Grey Water course booklet above

Humanure Brochure


4 responses to “How To Booklets

  1. Tadalakt notes are included in the 2009 floors and counters course and booklet…I spelled tadalkt incorrectly in the notes. These are very quick notes which were originally written just to give a basic idea. Ann

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  3. Hi Ann & Gord,
    I love your story in The West Shore Magazine! May I suggest that if you don’t already, that you switch your banking to Vancity Credit Union. They are an ethical, green credit union & they support your values!
    There is a branch in Langford & Lorraine Hayhoe is the manager. Please tell them that Lorna sent you. They are a co-operative, and they share their profits!
    Sincerely, Lorna Paterson

    • Hi Lorna, Thanks,totally agree with you regarding Vancity. In fact, Lorraine just booked an Eco-Sense tour for a group of lower mainland Vancity branch managers.
      Glad you enjoyed the article in the West Shore Mag.

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