Back Yard Plan

1 – Get to know your land.  

  • What is your climate zone?
  • How much space?
  • What is your starting soil condition?
  • How much sun?
  • Do you have micro climates (hot spots, cold spots, wet spots, dry spots, etc?
  • What do you already have?  Trees, shrubs, ground covers, annual gardens, pathways, lawn, etc.

2 – What do you like to eat?  

3 – Do you like processing food?  Drying?  Fermenting? Canning?

4 – Will you stagger your crops for a long harvest season?

5 – Will you design and plant yourself?  If not there are good companies around the Victoria, BC area to help you.

Here’s Our TOP list of Perennial Edible Plants:

Resilient Food Systems 2018