Courses and Workshops

We are just preparing our workshops for 2014.    If you have a group that is interested in rain water, grey water, applied permaculture (food forests), earthen floors and counters, earthen plasters and finishing, sustainable energy systems or other, we could look at the prospect of providing  your group with such.    Please contact

Courses we offer:

Permaculture Systems In Action – 2 day  :

Giving you the tools to take control of your food, water, and shelter – Eco-Sense and Hatchet and Seed are teaming up to provide several weekend workshops where we immerse you in the theory and principle of permaculture, then show you.  This two day class is split where the first day is at Wild Edge Garden & Nursery, home of Hatchet and Seed (Tayler and Solara); the next day is at Eco-Sense, where you can see what 7 years can look like starting from scratch.  Topics covered include design principles, soil and plant ecology, rainwater, grey water, key line design, sustainable building and energy, and a whole lot more.     Bring your own lunch.  Max of 20 people.  See link below for more info.

  • Cost: $135 (Bring your own lunch;  cookies and tea/coffee provided during morning theory session)
  • Dates:
    July 12 and 13, 2014   –  10am-4pm each day
  • Register via email  to Eco-Sense ( or Hatchet and Seed or even easier… register through Eventbrite:
    Eventbrite Registration Link.
  • MORE INFO HERE – Details and Itinerary

Processing the abundance :

A critical skill that is required with all the abundance from the garden and food forest is how to process it quickly, efficiently, maintaining as much nutrition as possible and storing it for the winter all while using the least energy as possible.     This class is in the beginning stages, and may be a two day workshop with Ann (Eco-Sense) and Solara (Hatchet and Seed) taking the lead role.  Topics will include lacto-fermenting, drying, kafir, canning and more.   Gord and Tayler may even join into the fermenting process, with beer and wine.   See the simple systems for all, learn why you don’t need a recipe to follow.     Details to be determined – Stay Tuned!

  • Cost: To be determined
  • Dates: Not set for 2014 but most likely during harvest in September

Natural plaster :

Theory and practice.  Plaster the new wood-frame chicken coop with mud.  Learn about materials, substrate preparation, mixing, and application techniques. 6 people

  • Cost: $60 (includes handout) (cookies and tea/coffee provided during morning theory session)
  • Date:  Not Set for 2014
  • Bring your lunch and a water bottle.

Grey water  :

Theory, policy and practice.  Learn about the many systems utilized at Eco-Sense.  Learn about the new improved “Worm Bin”.  If projects are underway here then you can assist in the installation of a branched drain grey water irrigation system to fruit and nut trees in the food forests or permaculture chicken garden. Bring lunch and a water bottle.  Small group of 9.

  • Cost: $75  (cookies and tea/coffee provided during morning theory session)
  • Date: Not set for 2014

Earthen floors and Counters (and earthen showers)  :

Make your very own small earthen counter top samples to take away.  Booklet comes with the course.  Theory and practice.  6-8 people.

  • Cost: $75 (includes booklet and materials) (cookies and tea/coffee provided during morning theory session)
  • Date: Date not set for 2014

Living roofs :

We offer opportunities to learn about living roofs, structure, drainage, planting and irrigation.  We have 5 different types of living roofs to check out, over 4 hours from a 10 am to 3 pm time frame.

  • Cost: $50(includes booklet and materials) ( Bring your own bag lunch for 12 noon, tea/coffee provided )
  • Date: Date not set for 2014

Rain water harvesting  :

Theory, policy and practice of rainwater collection and its varied uses from potable to non-potable, for daily use to seasonal and emergency use.  Topics include collection surfaces, conveyance, pre-filtration, first flush diversion, storage, Responsible overflow, pumping and pressurizing, filtration systems, water budgets and storage collection sizing . Bring lunch and a water bottle.  Small group of 9.

  • Cost: $150  ( Bring your own lunch; cookies and tea/coffee provided)
  • Date: Not set for 2014

10 responses to “Courses and Workshops

  1. Ann and Gord When is grey water workshop? We want to come but need the dates. Thanks.

  2. We have just tentatively worked out a schedule…will post in the next few days.

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  4. Hello Ann & Gord

    I was hoping to take a course in earth building with the aid of those fabric forms that I saw on your website. If you don’t teach this, can you email info on where I can find such?

    Regards, Constance.

    • Hi Constance, We used the fabric form for the concrete foundation as it is very inexpensive and simple to use…especially for curved foundations. We do not have any foundation courses scheduled this year. Gord did a workshop last year at OUR Ecovillage to teach this. He is also putting in a foundation using this method in a couple weeks in the Cowichan but there is no workshop scheduled for this. The people that make the fabforms do have a number of very good videos on their website.

  5. Please sign me up for the cob floor and countertop course on July 31st. Mark may want to attend too – I will find out soon and email.

  6. Ann, we met you recently while you were sanding. We admired your root cellar and the house from afar, and all the things you and your husband have accomplished. At one time that was a dream of mine. Unfortunately, for various reasons we had to resort to a more conventional method of building.
    We would like to build a root cellar and an outdoor oven. Could you tell us where you bought your ingredients. Mainly the clay, straw and the volcanic ash. We would really appreciate this. Thank you

    • Hi, yes, I remember. The clay is usually free…just have to talk to people digging it out of the ground. They sometimes will deliver a full dump truck load to your site if you are closer to where they have to go to dump it. Make sure it is good clean clay. If you need small amounts it often can be dug out of your yard right where you are building. The straw comes from feed/animal supply stores and sometimes right from the Farmer. Need to buy local in season or pay lots to have it brought in from the Prairies. The pumice we used came from Squamish…they only ship large quantities. You might also try landscaping supply stores.

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