Courses and Workshops

2018 FALL Workshops:  Three water workshops.  Link Here

Essential Composting Toilets – Nov. 3  10am-4pm
Responsible Water Alternatives – Nov. 17  10am-4pm
Rain Water Harvesting – Dec. 1  10am-4pm

Eco-Sense Eventbrite page is here.  Click on any link to register online.

2018 SPRING Workshops.   


  • TWO DATES: March 23 from 9am-noon  and April 22 from 9am-noon
  • Explore the different food producing trees that are ideal for OUR climate and YOUR home and lifestyle.  Presentation with Q&A to learn about fruit trees, nut trees, berries bushes, vines and support plants to create a sustaining eco-system to nourish the land, our bellies, and our souls.  Answer such plant questions as soil types, water requirements, sun exposure, weather toughness, crop timing, pollination, guilds (what likes to grow together), and how to process, store, and eat.
  • Why…
  • Classroom session followed by a guided tour to see plants in action.
  • For anyone that wishes to hang around after the 3 hour class, bring your lunch and we can all sit and chat.  Plant nursery will be open following lunch.
  • Book online with EVENTBRITE March 23.  April 22
  • $20


  • TWO DATES: March 25 from 1-4 pm. and March 30 from 1-4pm
  • Part 1:  Learn about all the different raised garden beds used at Eco-Sense.  In the Classroom, we explore the benefits of raised garden beds with discussion centered around:
    • Concrete Curvey Beds,
    • Galvalume beds,
    • wire and textile beds,
    • and wood.
  • Materials used, where to buy, construction methods, hoop covers, and the pros and cons of the different types.  We also spend some time in the garden looking at the different examples and how they fit into the landscape.  Information handout included.  Note: Hands on building of garden beds is NOT part of this workshop.
  • Part 2: The Garden wash stand with compost tea production.  In the Classroom, we will discuss all the wonderful features of this simple, affordable garden wash stand design that produces a steady supply of rich compost tea and a yearly harvest of worm castings.  Then we move out to the garden to see one in action and together assemble a complete unit.   This wash stand will be offered for sale ($350).  If more then one person would like it we will draw names. Handout also inlcuded.
  • Book online with EVENTBRITE. March 25.  March 30
  • $35


  • April 1 from 1pm-3pm
  • Gord’s most popular water presention for integrating greywater, compost toilets, living roofs, soil, landscape, and food systems in a changing climate.  How to plan for extreme weather events of too much and too little water.
  • Book online with EVENTBRITE. April 1
  • $25

2017 workshops, Courses, and tours:

Eco-Sense Grafting Workshop:

Date: March 30th, 2017  from 1pm-4pm

Details:  Gord will lead the instruction to graft 2 of your own apple trees of choice to take home (choose from a variety of scion wood). Tour of food forest and perennial food systems included. Bring your own THIN BLADED SHARP knife… no longer than 5 cm… everything else is supplied… hopefully no band-aids required. Only 12 spots. Dress for the weather as we will be outside all afternoon. Suitable for kids 12+ and adults. $55

Registration via Eventbrite:

Eco-Sense Grey Water Workshop:

Date: April 27th, 2017  from 10am-3pm

Details:  Gord will do a workshop on grey water systems. Includes site tour of multiple existing grey water systems and associated regulations. We have two systems to install for first rate hands on learning.  Thursday, April 27th from 10am-3pm. Bring lunch and dress to be outside most of the day. $60. Only 8 spots.

Registration via Eventbrite:

Eco-Sense / Hatchet & Seed Green Home & Edible Landscape Tour:

Date: May 28th, 2017  from 1pm-5pm

Details:  We (Tayler & Solara) have recently moved into the suite at Eco-Sense, where Gord & Ann Baird have built an amazing cob-home surrounded by edible landscapes & gardens. We’re so thrilled to have the chance to live and work alongside them, learning & growing!
This tour is our first collaborative event on the land together. We’re looking forward to it and hope to see some of you there!

This tour will give you a first-hand look at some well-developed permaculture-inspired home & landscape systems, including:

  • Green Building: seismically engineered load bearing insulated cob home + outbuildings; earthen floors, cob pizza oven, natural plasters, passive solar design, living roof, ‘Eco-Hut’, example of off-the-grid tiny home
  • Renewable Energy: solar PV with grid tie energy & battery back-up, solar thermal hydronic heating with wood gasification backup
  • Resource Conservation: grey water re-use, waterless (composting) toilets, LED lighting, extensive composting systems
  • Rainwater Harvesting: living roof water harvesting, 10,000 gallon tank storage, 250,000 gallon surface pond
  • Edible Landscapes & Plant Nursery: intensive organic vegetable production, mixed ‘food forest’ with hundreds of edible, medicinal and otherwise multi-functional plants; plant nursery open after tour (see plant list availability here)

There will be the opportunity for questions along the way as well as some time for snacks & networking at the end.

Includes: Local tea & some homestead snack tastings. Note: not a full meal.
20 spots.  $40

Registration via Eventbrite:

Eco-Sense Composting Toilet mini Workshop:

Date: July 22nd, 2017  from 10am-noon

Details:  Gord will do a short workshop on Humanure Thermophilic Hot composting toilets. Learn the 3 P’s of composting toilets: Pee, Poo, and Policy.  Tour of our bathroom here at Eco-Sense in the main house, the very slick Eco-Hut system, the outside bathroom setups, and watch the actual dumping of toilet buckets into the compost. Good opportunity to confront your fears…and leave fecalphobia behind (oooh could have fun with that).  10 spots. $30

Registration via Eventbrite:


12 responses to “Courses and Workshops

  1. Ann and Gord When is grey water workshop? We want to come but need the dates. Thanks.

  2. We have just tentatively worked out a schedule…will post in the next few days.

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  4. Hello Ann & Gord

    I was hoping to take a course in earth building with the aid of those fabric forms that I saw on your website. If you don’t teach this, can you email info on where I can find such?

    Regards, Constance.

    • Hi Constance, We used the fabric form for the concrete foundation as it is very inexpensive and simple to use…especially for curved foundations. We do not have any foundation courses scheduled this year. Gord did a workshop last year at OUR Ecovillage to teach this. He is also putting in a foundation using this method in a couple weeks in the Cowichan but there is no workshop scheduled for this. The people that make the fabforms do have a number of very good videos on their website.

  5. Please sign me up for the cob floor and countertop course on July 31st. Mark may want to attend too – I will find out soon and email.

  6. Ann, we met you recently while you were sanding. We admired your root cellar and the house from afar, and all the things you and your husband have accomplished. At one time that was a dream of mine. Unfortunately, for various reasons we had to resort to a more conventional method of building.
    We would like to build a root cellar and an outdoor oven. Could you tell us where you bought your ingredients. Mainly the clay, straw and the volcanic ash. We would really appreciate this. Thank you

    • Hi, yes, I remember. The clay is usually free…just have to talk to people digging it out of the ground. They sometimes will deliver a full dump truck load to your site if you are closer to where they have to go to dump it. Make sure it is good clean clay. If you need small amounts it often can be dug out of your yard right where you are building. The straw comes from feed/animal supply stores and sometimes right from the Farmer. Need to buy local in season or pay lots to have it brought in from the Prairies. The pumice we used came from Squamish…they only ship large quantities. You might also try landscaping supply stores.

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