Here are some of the videos on Eco-Sense.  More videos can be found on our Utube channel.  link

A series of four videos on earthen architecture.  Eco-Sense features in part 1 on Cob, and we have the last say at the end of episode 4. Very inspiring videos.

Filmed by Peak Moment TV when Janaia and Robyn visited us a couple years ago.  Excellent video on our chicken coop and root cellar.  Grow your Food in a Nook and Cranny Garden (part 1)  Watch for the jumping chicken.

Here is part 2 of a garden tour filmed by Peak Moment TV about 3 years ago when we were just starting the food forest…sure looks different now, but still a great video.

School of Permaculture filmed Gord last summer showing how we dry food with water.Here’s the 3 minute video:  

Here is a very short video (filmed by School of Permaculture in the US) on our garden veggie washing station that combines worm composting, compost tea, and convenience.

Here’s a short video filmed by School of Permaculture of Gord giving a talk on Grey Water and showing our worm filter.

Virtual tour and conversation from Sept 2010 – 44 min:  Janaia and Robyn from Peak Moment did an awesome job on this video.

5 minute mini tour of the Eco-Sense home.  Very well done.

Powerful — Energy for Everyone A film by David Chernushenko.  This is a three minute clip about Eco-Sense.   Powerful is a full length documentary.  website here.

Peak Moment August 15th, 2006.  #103 Building An Ecologically Sensible Home.  This half hour conversation was filmed BEFORE we started building our home.  We discussed our plans and dreams for Eco-Sense.  Filmed sitting in front of our half built cob woodworking shop.  Peak Moment website.

Knowledge Network mini documentary.  Filmed in 2007/2008 over 1 year of building the Eco-Sense house.  Here’s the Link.

Early Eco-Sense video from Shaw TV about us building our cob wood working shop.  Ann and Gord before the house

Ann Cooking Dinner (otherwise know as the “Ann took a Leek in the oven” video)

Peak Moment Summer 2010.  New episode.  Virtual tour of Eco-Sense.  Coming soon.

Living Building Challenge.  Short clip of Ann and Gord congratulating the other projects.

Building Cob Bathroom in the Highlands.  News clip filmed on July 30, 2009   link to video

Composting Toilets at Eco-Sense.  A 12 minute clip filmed by us on Oct 6, 2011.  What’s it like to actually have a Humanure composting toilet?  Video clip includes short tour of the Eco-Sense home and the two bathrooms.  Learn more about humanure bathrooms from the source…The humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins.

Eco-Sense Kitchen Tour featuring local food.  What’s a solar powered kitchen in a MUD house actually look like.  Kitchen Tour

Organic Island Festival 2010.  Gord talks about Green Building

More videos coming soon.

3 responses to “Videos

  1. Hi Ann and Gord,
    I know you no longer have public tours this late in the season. However, I was wondering if at all there might be a spot opening up at any of the private tours that you might be having. I’ve just moved to the province and would love to see the code approved cob structure that you have build.
    From an eager recent architecture graduate, also an intern at O.U.R. Ecovillage.
    Thank you,

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