Last Weekend of the Spring Season

Red walnut flowers. Catkins hang below.

NURSERY:  May 18th and 19th are the last two NURSERY days of the SPRING SEASON…and what beautiful planting weather it is.  We have been doing happy dances out in the gentle rains.  However, the ground is still really dry as is evident when we dig holes to plant more trees.

Sea Kale shoots are starting. YUMMY raw, steamed or stir-fried

SPECIAL ITEMS we would like to sell this weekend:

  • Sweet potato plants:  perfect time to get into the ground.  Must grow in greenhouse or under a hoop cover to get big crops.  SALE: $3
  • SEA KALE:  we have begun to eat ours and will for the next month.  Tastes like a cross between broccoli and asparagus.  Takes 2-3 years to mature then eat for the rest of your life.  $3 each.
  • FREE TABLE:  Some items we just want to go to a good home…some unknown grapes, other unknowns and oddballs, and weird looking specimens.
  • OCA plants:  Our favourite tuber.  Beautiful vegetation looks like clover.  $3 each
  • LOTS of fruit trees and berry bushes with fruit already set on them…just saying.  FRUIT THIS YEAR

Name that chicken breed

NAME THAT CHICKEN BREED:  Our baby chickens are growing rapidly…but they are not Rhode Island Red as we were told.  Any ideas what kind of chicken they are other than cute chickens?

DUCK UPDATE:  For those that have been following along over the years you’ll remember quite a collection of duck stories over the years with MUD-PUDDLE and DUG a source of endless fun including countless people taking selfies with one of our special ducks.  The latest story is now about Cocoa-Pop who lost her partner last winter when he dove under the ice and didn’t resurface until spring thaw.  (we scooped him out, put him in a hole by the pond, and then topped him with an asian pear).  Pear is growing extremely well by the way.  Anyways, for months we had a very depressed duck with very little will to live, but now she is thriving and follows us everywhere. She’s our little helper for all things soil, mud, compost or mulch related.  Our evening walk is so much fun with dog and duck following along.

And if gardening does not intrigue and fill your vessel, perhaps the 30 second Bill Nye the pissed Off Science Guy video will do it.

Safety Glasses Off 2

Happy gardening!

Ann and Gord




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