Summer Nursery Details

The Summer Season:  We are open for private appointments all Summer and will go back to regular hours come fall.  Please email to book a private appointment in the nursery.  If you plant trees and berry bushes now remember they will need regular water and attention in order to thrive.

LOTS of our fruit and berry bushes in the nursery have fruit set on them, so if you are keen to have a harvest the FIRST year, make your appointment soon!



Feel free to send us an email to book your private appointment in the nursery.

Making notes and lists on what to propagate and graft for this summer.

Our summer nursery work will include doing some summer propagating and specialty grafting for lots of our fall nursery stock.  We are setting up misters in the lower greenhouse for this purpose and also planning our big plant order for the next year.

Annual Garden TIP:  Anyone have problems with wood bugs eating the stems of newly planted starts?  Our solution is to plant the start, water well, put dry sand around the base, and place a plant pot with the bottom cut out on the little plant.  Works like a charm.  See photos.

Happy summer everyone!

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