Last two weekends in the Nursery

It is 30 C° out there folks, and there are two items that suffer at that temperature… Ann planting things, and things just planted.  We will keep the nursery open for two more weekends (May 11th & 12th;  May  18th & 19th).  We will NOT be open on the 25th or 26th.

Sat and Sun from 10am-2pm at Eco-Sense.  

3295 Compton Road.  For everyone that shows up and asks, “do you still have SEA KALE and Sweet potatoes?” The answer is YES.  We also have lots of great selection of berry bushes, nut trees, and fruit trees…even OLIVES and many others.  We have Blight resistant hazelnuts, so no need to go on to a two year wait list.

Unless you have a diligent water regime planting when it is over 30 can be a little troublesome.  That said, you know what we get to do when the nursery closes?  We get to plant!  We are planting out the pond area, where the old nursery used to be.  The irrigation system in.

The smells are incredible at the moment, with the lilacs, Ann’s Dad’s azalea, and Solara’s clematis.  The trees seemed to fill out instantly this year – so very strange.   Most of our persimmons are showing flower buds, so this year should actually be a big crop.  Maybe this is the year for the first walnuts?  Even more exciting, perhaps this is the last year for all the rotten nuts (be creative in your imagination).

Lunch with Nina. She’s 3.5 years old. Maybe 10 more years we will be blessed with her company… if we are lucky.

When you know your dog has only 10 +/-  years to live, does this mean you decide to not love your dog?   When your planet, your only home, is so close to collapse due to the pesky exponential trend lines (of pretty much everything that matters), do you consider giving up trying to do something about it?  What’s the difference?  Do we not love both the dog and the earth?  Do you give up on the dog because it’s going to die…one day?  Giving up 1 million species is the track we are on.  It is OK to be pissed, sad, and scared – it is also OK to speak up, and crack a few rotten and crazy nuts.

A few cheerful links:

Three day old chicks first look at the world…LOOK, kale! Life is good.

Short and sweet, have a great weekend.

Gord and Ann

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