Nursery is open on Weekends

The Eco-Sense nursery will be open every weekend this spring from 10am-2pm both Saturday and Sunday.

We sell nut and fruit trees, berries bushes, and LOTS more perennial FOOD plants.  Lots grown, grafted, planted and propagated here and all are watered with pond water fortified with duck and fish poo.  Plants love it.

Where: 3295 Compton Road, East Highlands, Victoria

Plant List. Plant list with prices is updated weekly.  ALL prices INCLUDE the GST.

Essential Composting Toilets:  

Our book is also for sale and we will sign it for you.




2 responses to “Nursery is open on Weekends

  1. What variety of blackcurrents do you have please and would you be willing to sell some cuttings.I was just in Victoria

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