Rain…Let’s dance!

The rain is a welcome event this spring.  It has been so dry.   We are VERY concerned for the fires that we will experience this year in BC and on Vancouver Island and saddened by the loss of fresh summer air.

So, when it rains…DANCE!  AND Plant Trees!

Eco-Sense Nursery for perennial edible plants is open all weekend.  Sat and Sun from 10am-2pm.  3295 Compton Road, East Highlands, Victoria.

Soooooo, what’s your fire plan?  Do you have one?  Does your community have one?  Do you know what it is?  Here at Eco-Sense, we are making plans with a fire emergency planning meeting for ourselves, our home and our land.

Our front yard garden: Gord Took the image from the CRD Atlas and traced all of our garden beds and added in about half of our edible fruit, nut, and berry bushes. Then he removed the image and left only his drawings…thus perfectly to scale.

Being surrounded by perennial and annual food gardens and having earthen buildings goes a long ways to reduce our fire risk…moist green leaves just don’t burn very well. Our irrigated living roofs (growing squash and sweet potatoes) are also good. However, we do have a list of things we still need to do to reduce our fire risk including creation of an irrigation/sprinkler plan if there is a fire in the area. We are busy identifying our strengths, assets, and vulnerabilities to deal with wild fires.  Top of our list are broom removal, some lower tree branch trimming, cleaning up wood around the workshop and woodshed, and identifying flammable items near the house with a plan to move them inside. Also, knowing where the safest spots are if we get caught and cannot evacuate…We think the root cellar is the best place. When our plan is done we may share it here.

In the meantime…woohoo, it’s spring and the garden shoots are abundant.

Looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend.

Gord and Ann

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