From Toques to T-shirts…Nursery is open

Last week we were wearing toques and WAY behind getting our nursery moved to the snow covered lower “garden”.  This week we scrambled in t-shirts pleading with our over 50 bodies to get-er-done.  Well, Gord isn’t quite 50…his big day comes on Earth day, April 22, he will turn the big 50.

We are very pleased with how the nursery looks and functions in the lower garden.

  • For starters, it’s flat down there.  No more pushing trees up hills in wheel barrows.
  • It’s also better for parking and no more single lane long driveway to navigate.
  • More room to organize plants…All the nuts are together, the fruit trees together, the berry patch, the perennial veggie patch, etc.  I love being organized.
  • And finally, people who show up and think we are crazy, can leave more easily.  Ha, and that’s usually before we try and sell them a book on compost toilets…which by the way, will be for sale…we’ll even sign a copy for you.

So without any more rambling discussion here’s the details of the spring opening for the Eco-Sense nursery.

Where: 3295 Compton Road, East Highlands, Victoria, BC

When: Sat March 23 AND Sun March 24 from 10am-2pm both days

Parking: on road and 4 spots inside the gate

What do we sell?  Nuts, fruit trees, berry bushes, a few perennial vegetables, nitrogen fixers, soil builders, tea, olives, lemons, figs, mulberries, kiwis, hops, and LOTS more stuff you’ve never heard of.  Plant list here

We have bare root chestnuts…the ULTIMATE food security plant.  Chestnut flour is to die for.  Gord and I recently made a berry clafoutis…100% local (mostly our own ingredients).  Chestnut flour, sweet potato, honey, lemons, eggs, milk, and berries.

Hope to see you this weekend.

Ann and Gord

One response to “From Toques to T-shirts…Nursery is open

  1. shepherds dream


    I have been on your mailing list for a few years and have appreciated reading your posts. You don’t mince words and are honest in describing the joys and trials of your chosen life. Nor are you unrealistic about the prospects for averting global catastrophe. Your commitment to doing the right things and living responsibly regardless of the outcome has buoyed my spirit and reminded me that that’s supposed to be my ethic …. I keep forgetting.

    Thank-you for being a light in the darkness. I hope we can see you in your place some day.


    Janet and Tim Kroeker Shepherd’s Dream Box 87 Roseau River, MB R0A 1P0 204 427 3524

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