First Plant sales of SPRING

It felt like spring, and then it snowed… and then spring arrived again… and then this morning some more wet snow flakes. But it’s time.  Time to open the nursery for our first spring sales for perennial edible plants.

With the arctic hitting all time warm records for February with temperatures ABOVE freezing and  there is still no day light…is just nuts.  Climate change is here and it’s happening faster than even the worst case scenarios.  But what can we do?  Planting food producing hardy trees is a great step… you can’t go wrong with this.

Farm schedule for sales of perennial edible plants:

When: Every Saturday this spring starting March 3rd from 10am-2pm.

Where:  3295 Compton Road, East Highlands, Victoria, BC

Details:  Even if you are not buying plants you can still come out to have a look at chickens, ducks, gardens, earthen architecture, the Eco-Hut, or to just hang out and have a conversation with other people.  If you don’t plan on buying plants, please park at the bottom of the hill and walk up.  Please do not bring dogs as they are upsetting for our ducks and our dog Nina will go into show-off mode and start racing around.  THANKS!

Parking is limited at top, so please park to make room for others beside you.

Discounts:  For purchases over $500 there is a 10% discount.  If you are planning a larger order you can also book a private appointment. or

Plant list:  We have lots of new plants and many varieties of apples, plums, pears, cherries, walnuts, hazelnuts, currants, berries, hostas, persimmons, mulberries, chestnuts, apricots, nitrogen fixers, tea, kiwis, bamboo, grapes, peaches, Sichuan peppers, and many bare root plants.  All of our listed prices include GST.  Here’s our list:  

Queensland Blue winter squash – yummy and rich. Good baked, boiled, in soups, in loaves, and even in smoothies.

Other items:  We have some eggs, squash, garlic (for eating or planting), and cover crops (yellow and green peas).

Eggs from heritage chickens…different sizes and different colours. Beautiful dark orange yolks.

See you on Saturday.

2 responses to “First Plant sales of SPRING

  1. Do you have a hosui pear plant?

    How much is a dozen of eggs?

    I like to visit if you have a pear plant.



    • Hi Yoko, I don’t think we have a Hosui pear unless it goes by another name. You may wish to check out our online list of plants.
      Our eggs are $7 per dozen which is less than high quality eggs in the store.

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