What’s Happening?

What’s happening at the Eco-Sense homestead?  LOTS!

OUR FIRST BOOK.  We have been heads down most of the winter writing our first book; Essential Composting Toilets published by New Society Publishing.  A very timely topic given the rising awareness of water both locally and globally and the desire by many for increased resilience.  Writing a book is a HUGE time commitment that seriously restricts cash flow and many other basic tasks.  It’s a good thing we don’t actually have to buy much food.  Final manuscript is due mid March with publication happening a couple months later.

Cover Image emailed

The Eco-Sense Perennial Edible Plant nursery is scheduled to begin the spring season on Saturday March 3rd from 10am-2pm.  We had hoped to open sooner, but with the freezing weather, there is no point.  The nursery is well stocked with new plants that are just arriving.  We have brought in lots of large bare root trees as many people are planting larger trees to get their food production happening sooner rather than later.  Here’s our up to date plant list with prices…and remember all prices INCLUDE the 5% GST.

Our Friends Tayler, Solara and Flora have left Eco-Sense and moved to a walkable neighbourhood in the City where they operate their landscaping business Hatchet and Seed.  This move left us wondering…what to do with all that space?  We have come up with a creative solution.

Welcome to the…


We have turned this beautiful space into an inspirational place for meetings, workshops, and presentations for RADICAL LEARNING.
Radicle LearningContact ann@eco-sense.ca for booking information.  Full details can be found on a new link on our blog.  https://eco-sense.ca/the-mud-room/.  


The MUD room with the gorgeous table that Gord built out of scraps of wood.  We can sit 10 people at the table or remove the table and set up seating for 15 to watch a video presentation.  Kitchen is well set up for food workshops.

Art Work:  Our cob walls are adorned with artwork created by the very talented David Baird (Gord’s Dad).  Gord has inherited his dad’s creativity.    Check out David Baird’s site here.  I continue to be blown away by the beauty and quality of his carvings.  All of the pieces displayed in the MUD room are for sale.



Please share this information with people in your networks who teach courses or give presentations and who may be looking for a unique and special place for RADICAL LEARNING.

Eco-Sense workshops: In the weeks ahead we will be posting a series of workshops and presentations.  Feel free to SHARE YOUR IDEAS with us.  Feedback is welcome.


That’s it for now.


Winter Lemons at Eco-Sense


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  1. Hearing about the forecast Capetown water deadline I think you should send some advertising over there. After drinking the next critical city water use is flushing. So far the best idea has been those plastic portable toilets 🤮. I’ll see if I can find any appropriate contacts.

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