The MUD room


The suite in the award winning Eco-Sense house, has been converted into a special gathering place for RADICAL LEARNING.

Radicle Learning

DSC03070Presentation Space – Meeting Room – Teaching Kitchen

  • Board Room Table with seating for 10
  • Video Presentations with row seating for 15
  • Teaching and Demonstration Kitchen for 10
  • Additional Circular Seating areas for break out groups:  8 inside and for 8 in covered area outsideIMG_20180216_153058

WHO comes to the ?

  • Gord and Ann of Eco-Sense host events, workshops, and presentations
  • Bookings for Community groups, NGO’s, Enviro’s, family and friend groups, corporate retreats, planning events, social enterprise, not for profits, political organizing, and small businesses with social and environmental values.
  • Bookings by instructors, teachers, and thought leaders.
  • DSC03048

WHY come to the ?

  • Values
  • Private
  • Inspiration
  • Unique Features
  • Excellent Acoustics
  • Everything handmade
  • Stunning Artwork Displays
  • Adaptable Space for Small Groups
  • Beautiful views and permaculture gardens
  • DSC03066

Special Features of the ?

  • Earthen architecture
  • Everything hand sculpted
  • Private kitchen and bathroom
  • Earthen floors and natural plasters
  • No Garbage.  Only recycling and compost
  • Solar Powered: Solar PV, and Solar Thermal
  • The world’s first petal recognized Living Building
  • Living roof with rain water harvesting for irrigation
  • Resource Recovery: compost toilets and grey water reuse
  • Small deck at front entrance, small outside covered meeting area

    Email for inquiry or booking the  .


  • Ask us about special rates for workshop series, partnerships, and revenue sharing pricing.
  • 2-4 hours basic space rental. Includes meeting facilities and video equipment. Add $50 per extra hour beyond 4.
    • 4-6 people: 130
    • 6-8 people: 160
    • 8-10 people: 180
    • 10-12 people: 200
    • 12-15 people: 220
  • Kitchen use for teaching and demonstrations.
    • Canning, cheese making, fermenting, bread making, ethnic cooking, sushi making, vegetarian, healthy diets, etc.
    • $200 for 6-10 people for 2-4 hours
  • Food and beverages:
    • Organic tea/coffee service.  $5 per person
    • Email to discuss lunch catering rates
    • Bring your own bag lunch or snacks – n/c
    • Bring your own potluck meal and use kitchen facilities.  We clean up. $50
  • Add on a half to one hour guided tour of the homestead and gardens. $50-$100

Email for inquiry or booking the  .


3 responses to “The MUD room

  1. Ann, Where do a I look for a list of the workshops that Gord is able to offer?

    • Hi Kim, we have some ideas for workshops listed under the tab called our “Our Services”. Just this morning we set the dates for a few upcoming workshops to be posted later today or tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

  2. Here’s the link to our workshop ideas for the coming year.

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