Eco-Sense article in Harrowsmith Magazine

Harrowsmith Magazine is out with an article on our Eco-Sense home.  Online link to Harrowsmith only has the table of contents…may need to buy the magazine to read full article or check out this PDF  Harrowsmith June 2010 issue

Front cover text: “Greenest House on Vancouver Island”.

One of a Kind
Another in our occasional installments on alternative building materials, here we take a tour of a cob house, probably the most ambitious of its kind in Canada. By Tom Cruickshank

8 responses to “Eco-Sense article in Harrowsmith Magazine

  1. can’t wait to read the whole thing, congrats you guys.

  2. Can’t wait to see the article. Well done (and well deserved!)

  3. This is too cool, very exciting! Let’s hope that real Sustainability becomes contagious.

  4. sandra leckie

    I’ll look for it. Congrats. Now to get that Chicken Palace in Architectural Digest!!

  5. Has anyone actually seen the article yet? I think it was written for the mainstream. I did get to review the first draft of the article and they neglected to mention that this was a multigenerational family home for six of us. I hope they changed that or we’ll be getting emails stating it’s not very green and a BIG house for one family. There are six of us here which works out to 360 sqft per person.

  6. Congrats, look forward to getting a copy! 🙂

  7. Congratulations Ann and Gord;

    I look forward to reading the article. What you two have done is really remarkable.


  8. I’m looking forward to reading this Ann, furthermore it can’t be stressed nearly enough…you two rock!

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