Unacceptably Sick Environmental Destruction (USED)

The tides have turned as we approach the strongest predicted hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico. And with 5000 barrels a day spewing into the ocean with no end in site, it’s sure to be a sickening environmental catastrophe as we helplessly document all the damage to ecosystems and human lives.

We all wag our angry fingers of judgement at BP, the offshore oil drilling regulations, the US government, and even the chemical companies raking in the profits from the toxic chemical dispersants.

So while we are all busy pointing and blaming lets considers that this 5000 gallons per day is only accounting for 2 minutes (yes 120 seconds) of oil consumption in the state of Texas.

As we ponder the magnitude of our planets total oil consumption that finger pointing is shifting from outward… to inward.  The GAS shift (Give-A-Shit shift) is finally happening.  Regular people are hitting the wall of realization that we are the primary cause of this…WE are the the consumer of all this oil.

It is no longer acceptable to waste energy.  Big vehicles, flaunting excess, and luxury homes are now being viewed with distain by many and the fingers are starting to point at each other.

Anyone who now chooses to hop on a plane for their “deserved” vacation after witnessing this catastrophe is now the subject of finger pointing.  We have all been ignorant of the hidden consequences of our actions in the past and we have to accept that, but seeing what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico now, there is absolutely no excuse for selfish indulgence at the expense of everything else.

With this “Oh Shit” moment also comes the power.  The power to not waste, the power to vacation locally, the power to eat local food, the power to help create stronger communities, the power to help others make the GAS Shift, the power to force our governments to shift to sustainable energy, the power to live better.

Do you feel Powerful or USED?

2 responses to “Unacceptably Sick Environmental Destruction (USED)

  1. Ann,

    Interesting post. I often find myself cringing at the energy waste I see (and contribute to) on a daily basis.

    I am inclined to believe that positive environmental change will come as the economic/social costs of our oil addiction truly start catching up to us. When people can no longer afford vacation flights they will turn to lower cost/more environmentally friendly alternatives. I hope the disaster unfolding in the Gulf starts waking people up, but I expect this will happen again somewhere else as we continue feeding this increasingly expensive addiction. We simply do not seem to respond effectively to disasters that do not affect us intimately in some way.


    P.S. I do not imagine you have a lot of control of the adds that appear on your site, but this is what appeared at the bottom of my screen as I replied to this post (kind of ironic given the topic)!

    Ads by Google
    Oil Found in America
    35 Billion Barrel Oil Find Could Double Share Price of One Stock.

  2. Janet Williams

    Can one feel powerful AND ‘used’ at the same time?

    These things are sent to test us….and TEACH us!
    We humans, charged with the care of this precious planet, and all of its living things, are failing miserably (in the collective sense). There are many brave and wonderful initiatives worldwide, representing but a drop in the bucket when ‘natural’ disasters occur, ever more often.
    I imagine the future, when we are all brought to the same level of existence, which doesn’t look like a very nice scenario, and doesn’t include mass consumption and waste of our resources…
    Are we headed for a ‘Mad Max’ world?

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