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FLATTEN the CURVE and Perennial Veggies

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First off, these two topics have NOTHING to do with each other. COVID-19 – “FLATTEN THE CURVE” Basically, this means to slow down the outbreak and delay the number of cases so that the health care system is not overwhelmed … Continue reading


Life & Death & Everything in Between

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It’s been a long time since our last post, but today being a beautiful sunny day, the first morning of frost, Gord’s oldest “kid” turning 22, and also our 15th anniversary of falling in love, it seemed a good time … Continue reading


Time to grow food

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Here on the West Coast, we can grow food year round…with a bit of practice and preparation that is.  We moved onto our land and into a 27 ft travel trailer Feb. 1,  2006.  Since that time we have built … Continue reading


Furnishing the East Suite

We are going to furnish the east suite of the Eco-Sense house. We are hoping to do this with mostly used or unwanted items. Here is our list. We will keep it updated as we go.  List of stuff We are willing … Continue reading


Last Open House For The Season

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Our second farm season is now coming to a close.  Our annual gardens are dying back and we are starting to clear out our garden beds and cover the soil while enjoing some very warm fall weather.  Our fall greens are … Continue reading