Furnishing the East Suite

We are going to furnish the east suite of the Eco-Sense house. We are hoping to do this with mostly used or unwanted items. Here is our list. We will keep it updated as we go.  List of stuff
We are willing to trade (quick tours or trade for plants) or buy these items from you.
We request that all items come from unscented homes. No perfumes, scented laundry products, air fresheners, etc.…/East%20Suite%20furnishi…

Ann Baird's photo.
Why are we furnishing the suite?  Once we furnish the east suite, it will be available to friends of friends of friends for short term rentals.  We hope to have it ready to go by Christmas.  Does anyone have “unscented” guests coming from out of town?  This will truly be an experience for people to stay in one of the worlds greenest modern homes powered by the sun.  Two bedroom, self contained suite.  More coming soon…
Gord and Ann holding their award for the Living Building Challenge

Gord and Ann holding their award for the Living Building Challenge

Notes on Toxic Materials:  
Our home is a Living Building petal certified project. This means we had to build it while avoiding all toxic building materials. The “Materials Red List” as it is called.  One of the toxic materials we avoided is called phthalates (see link to Suzuki foundation), a potent endocrine disrupting chemical. This same chemical is found in virtually all fragrances. Laundry soaps and personal care products are the worst. If you use one of the main laundry products like TIDE or others, most fabric softeners, or scented shampoo’s etc, your home will be filled with these phthalates which will bind to all of the material goods within your home. Phthalates are added to chemical fragrances in order to make the fragrance chemicals bind to materials to give a long lasting scent.

Thanks for reading and thanks for understanding our need to furnish with unscented and non-toxic materials.
Ann and Gord


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