Compost Toilet Course – Registration Open

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For more than a century, mainstream society has been treating water and waste from human systems as necessary evils rather than a resource. Practices that were initiated in the Victorian Era continue to have wasteful and damaging consequences, and deny the opportunity to close the loop in our nutrient cycle, while attempts to address this through implementing compost toilets have often been stymied by rules and regulations.

However, this is starting to change. Compost toilets are making their way into regulations and standards in North America, being used in diverse settings from award winning commercial buildings to remote cabins.

But as we return to regenerative practices in how we manage our human ‘waste’, it’s important that we know how to do this effectively.

A well-designed and slickly-run compost toilet system is a tremendous asset, saving inhabitants huge amounts of water and creating an abundance of fertility. A poorly-designed or neglected compost toilet system can be a serious liability.

So what determines the type of toilet that will be the best fit for your context?

How can you get the necessary approval to install one?

And what’s involved in maintaining it once it’s up and running?

Join me (Gord) as your instructor this October to find out answers to these questions and many more. I am the co-author of ‘Essential Composting Toilets: From waste-stream to mainstream’, and my expertise on the subject sprung from experience of building our Eco-Sense homestead, a Petal Recognized Living Building Challenge project that includes net zero water and waste systems, located in the District of Highlands on Vancouver Island. I served as a technical editor to the Province of BC’s regulations on compost toilets and grey water, and have gone on to design and instal more than 30 residential systems.

Link for purchasing books:

In this 8-session course, you can develop a comprehensive understanding of the application of composting toilets within the multiple contexts of health and safety, regulations, and navigating the sustainability goals within the constraints that exist in our culture.

By the end of the course you’ll have a solid foundation and great references to build your own system, work with a designer to create a system, or better understand the critical aspects from a health and safety perspective if you are a regulator. More subtly you will learn the benefits and potential pitfalls, tricks and tips in design and maintaining systems. I suspect your appetite will be wetted to participate in the next two workshop series on Grey Water and Rain Water Harvesting.

Enrol here – Early Bird pricing

2 responses to “Compost Toilet Course – Registration Open

  1. Hello Gord and Ann
    So wonderful to hear to hear you have this great course coming up. ❤️ 😊 But I can’t find the link to the price!? Please let us know the price and how long the Early Bird price is available. Thanks! 🙏 JandN

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