Last Chance

This post could be about the climate crisis: Time has run out to prevent a rise in global average temperature of 1.5 deg C and 2deg C…BUT, still a small window to make things way less bad.

This post could also be about mass extinction, (the death of birth): But, still a small window if humanity got on board with re-wilding nature…and our own minds.

This post could also be about the last chance to save old growth forests…especially here on Vancouver Island. This could happen…we could stop the logging of the last intact watershed on southern Vancouver Island. People are getting arrested every day here. But no, that’s not what this post is about, and if it was, would you continue reading?

This post is about the last chance in this spring season to take home some plants from the Eco-Sense Perennial Edible nursery. Remember, anything you plant now this late in the spring season needs to be well looked after with regular watering.

After the plants, we will talk about Goats, Living roof, Barn, and a COVID hair cut.

Here’s what’s left (that we would love to sell so we don’t have to water all summer):

1 – Firebrite Nectarine – self fertile, grow under roof overhang.

1 – Isaai Hardy kiwi – self fertile

4 – Jenny Fuzzy Kiwi – self fertile

1 – Korean Tea (2gal)

Some Pears in 5 gallon pots: Shinsenki 20th Century, D’Anjou (winter), Moonglow

4 – Thornless blackberry (Triple Crown in pots)

Blueberries (8 Northsky (low bush – covered in setting fruit), 4 Northcountry (some flowers)

Currants: Black, Red, White (many with setting fruit)

2 – Honey Queen Raspberries (in pots)

Walking onions

Ozette potatoes (tubers to plant)

A flat of Sweet potatoes (orange and white varieties). Must be planted in greenhouse or under a hoop tunnel. (20+plants)

Tall Blight resistant Hazelnuts

Tall Chestnuts


Inventory sheet…not totally up to date as it’s the end of the season. Lots of other items.

Here’s how book an appointment this long weekend:

Send an email to We are only booking one appointment at a time from 10am-noon, 1pm-3pm Sat, Sun, Mon.

Yup, we’re getting goats very soon (2 girls, one in milk). Just need to finish the small goat barn with hay loft and the goat run with electric fence. Lots of recycled materials were used. We even found a use for that larger than life photo of us that was in the Royal BC Museum that doubled as our campaign sign in our first municipal election 7 years ago. Now it’s final resting place in the hay loft.

Ann’s garden chicken (Grunt) continues to spend time in the nursery and rides up and down the hill in the electric pick-up truck. Grunt even laid an egg during her commute to work one morning.

We have installed 7 more raised garden beds on our lower living roof. Main reason for this is to grow root veggies where there are NO voles. No goats either. We started each bed with a bale of hay…that proved to be a very comfy place for a nap.

Gord and I got our first COVID shot last week. Gord posted on FB about the experience…a photo with the caption: “All that remains of Ann after her covid shot.”

To that Ann responded, “Hahaha… OMG… Gord, I’m still here… I just gave myself a hair cut.”

Have a great weekend everyone, and by the way, Call John Horgan (our MLA and the Premier of BC) and tell him and his NDP Government to STOP LOGGING THE LAST OLD GROWTH FORESTS. His MLA number is: 250-391-2801. Premier contact is or by phone at 1-250-387-1715.

Ann and Gord

2 responses to “Last Chance

  1. Melanie Russo from Cherryville

    Thanks for the update.
    Wish I was closer to come for a visit and pick up some thornless blackberries.

  2. great to see the evolution continue- thanks for the update

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