A VERY quick post

Our Spring Nursery season has arrived…in much the same way as Covid. Always changing and with lots of surprises.

We have been busy propagating as fast as we can with Ann doing much of the Greenhouse propagation of cuttings and Gord doing all the grafting. Our stock will be quite good for next year. For this year we are actually doing quite well…despite supply chain issues. Sales have been brisk without even putting the word out in blog posts or on facebook.

Our big plant order of the larger trees and berry bushes has been delayed at least six times, cut, cut, and cut again. Then when the plants finally do arrive, they come in drips and drabs. Anyways, most have now arrived…that is the 25% of what we originally ordered that could even be filled. Still waiting for the Korean tea, frost peach (all sold already), Nectarines, Honey Queen Raspberries, and Apache Thornless Blackberries.

So, what do we have? Check out our online inventory sheet…it’s up to date. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j-GtX_ufCTWu8muXbCjqAYfc-cIP7WKl/view


Blight resistant HAZELNUTS. VERY, very large this year with prices ranging from $30-$130.

Plums, Pears, Asian Pears, Kiwi’s, Apples, Thornless blackberries, Chestnuts, Currants, Figs, Grapes, Perennial Veggies, Raspberries, and lots more. Great selection of healthy blueberries too!

A new addition to the nursery this year. A label maker…not too exciting for most but for us, this is a game changer fo us. Easy to read, no fade labels. We also have a nursery chicken. She didn’t fit in with the flock, (was abused by the rooster), so now she lives by herself in a coop by the house. We call her Grunt as she is always grunting…right out of the egg she was grunting. She’s a happy, curious, and easy to pick up chicken. She loves to ride the e-Bike to the nursery and most days spends many hours with us in the nursery just being a chicken.

Sad news: We had a young mink in our main chicken coop. Oddly it did not do the normal minky thing – kill everything at once in a massive blood bath. Ann became aware of the fowl play when one chicken was found dead. We removed the poor chickens head and baited a trap. The next day she found another dead chicken… Again the head was removed and another trap baited. Needless to say, we finally caught the mink after all the fowl play and evening head counts (attached and not). It’s been years since we had a mink. The mink is now composting and will return to the land in 3 years.

How to buy plants:

Send an email to ann@eco-sense.ca and let me know what you are interested in.

All sales are by PRIVATE appointment and please wear a mask. We can set up an appointment to fit your schedule.

Payment can be by cheque, email payment, or cash. GST is included in all the pricing.

That’s it,

Ann and Gord

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