BIG NEWS: The Cauldron

A Message from Gord

The Eco-Sense cauldron is always bubbling, and you never really know what is brewing until you dive in. Well we just dove in. Know what we found? I’ll describe it. It smelled like smoke from Oregon and California, it looked like ravaged landscapes from old-growth logging in Fairy Creek near Port Renfrew, looked and sounded like a massive pit mine in the Highlands, and it felt like burning acid on community spirit. The final litmus test proved positive with a stain on democracy. Stirring that cauldron was a leader we are supposed to trust, easily mistaken for Hades, it looked like Horgan. 

Eight days ago I chose to stand as the BC Greens Candidate for Langford-Juan de Fuca in the Provincial Election. Yes, John Horgan, the premier of BC is my competition for a seat in the BC Legislature. 

Why did I choose to run?

It started three years ago with a phone call, “Gord, don’t hang up. Just hear me out. It’s Andrew.” I turned down that request from Andrew Weaver as my focus was on community issues that were paramount at that time. I was also in my first term as a councillor in the Highlands and still had much to learn. This time I did not get a call from Andrew — the call came from a few former NDP supporters asking me to run for the Greens. 

Gord hard at work on the pandemic campaign

Our region has resource extraction operations at opposite ends of the riding that were forced on both citizens and the forest ecosystems against their will. Sound familiar? One is extracting old growth trees from pristine and now extremely rare ecosystems. The other is logging intact forest and wetlands, blasting, and extracting rock atop an aquifer that serves as the entire community’s drinking water source, and as a bonus, is adjacent to one of the province’s most toxic contaminated sites. What could go wrong? These examples demonstrate a lack of representation from our MLA, and show a disregard for people, nature, communities, and democracy. 

Democracy does not look like government issuing an approval for a mine the same day it declared a pandemic state of emergency effectively quashing the council or citizens ability to meet, organize and respond. It does not look like a snap and unnecessary election triggered by a government that wants to avoid running on an unpopular spring budget next fall. It does not look like a government turning its back on collaboration and cooperation. Shame.

We are in a climate crisis, a health crisis, a toxic drug supply crisis, an inequality crisis, an economic crisis, a housing crisis, an ecological crisis, and more. It shows on the faces of people. All these crises are connected, and we must elect people who grasp how connected everything is, and then completely overhaul our approach. Tweaking policy is not going to do it. We have archaic legislation that doesn’t consider current environmental science, basic human rights, or climate change, not to mention Indigenous rights. This government clearly needs a physics lesson, forestry lesson, fisheries lesson, and a water lesson. And while we are at it, a lesson in democracy. 

Ann and I have been a living example, testing the theories of living a regenerative lifestyle, operating a resilient business, and have a track record like few others in Canada demonstrating what can be done. It is time for us to take on a new leadership role.

It’s not surprising that I am running as a Green candidate. My personal platform will have three main themes (each with lots of pieces not described here):

  1. Strengthen Community Resilience . . . COVID is just a warm-up to what’s coming and has shown how vulnerable we all are.
  2. Building Climate Resilience within our economy and infrastructure while simultaneously solving other “problems.” Go deep . . . no Band-Aids. Everything is connected.
  3. Rebuild and protect democracy and trust where EVERYONE feels represented, including Indigenous peoples.

Campaign Lunch: Greek salad from the garden, home made feta, apple blackberry crumble.

Eco-Sense Blog: We will not be posting again on our personal blog for the duration of this campaign. Voting day is Oct 24. In the meantime, you can follow the adventures on Gord’s Facebook campaign page: There will be photos, stories, videos, and news as Gord Baird challenges John Horgan for the MLA seat in Langford-Juan de Fuca. The BC Green Party Candidate page has information on Gord’s campaign as well.

Eco-Sense business: Our nursery, consulting, rain-water design, presentations, everything . . . ON HOLD until after the election (20 days). 

Riding  E-Bikes into Langford to set up bank account and file election paper work

Highlands Council: Gord does not have to take a leave of absence during the short campaign . . . but may miss a meeting or two. 

Can Gord win this riding and become the next MLA in Langford-Juan de Fuca?
Initially we thought this riding would be hard to win, but after one week into this campaign, we have changed our opinion on this election. Gord could very well win this seat and leave John Horgan without a seat in the legislature.

Why did we change our mind?

1. Massive amount of positive feedback from a very wide range of citizens in our riding.
2. Donations coming in fast (this is essential)
3. We have assembled an amazing team of professional and experienced people to help run this campaign. 

Campaign Office

Feeling very grateful and inspired!

HELP: We need volunteers, donations, requests for lawn signs, testimonials, and help sharing the word…especially if you live or know people in our riding of Langford-Juan de Fuca. (Highlands, Langford, Sooke, Port Renfrew, Jordan River, Otter Point, Shirley). 

Below is a list of how to provide any support you wish to share.


Want to volunteer?

Share a testimonial? 

Request a lawn sign if you are in our riding?

Want to Donate (four ways)? 

NOTE – maximum BC campaign or party donation in one calendar year is $1,253.15 per person:

  1. Online with credit card to BC Green Party Candidate site under Donate to Gord Baird.
    1. Must pay with credit card, but full amount still comes to Gord Baird Campaign account as a transfer
    2. Tax receipt issued by BC Greens
  2. Cheque made out to “Gord Baird Campaign” and if joint bank account, specify the name of person donating or both.
    1. Ann will look after your tax receipts at the end of the campaign
  3. Cash. $100 limit and still need full name and address.
  4. E-Transfer donation to
    1. In the comment line say something like “Donation to Gord Baird”
    2. Email Ann to pass along the security answer AND give full address AND full name of person donating
    3. Ann will look after your tax receipts at the end of the campaign

Take care everyone, vote in the BC Election, and we will see you on the other side of this campaign.

Gord Baird, Green Party Candidate for Langford-Juan de Fuca

12 responses to “BIG NEWS: The Cauldron

  1. This is such great news and going against John Horgan! I sure hope our local candidate is half as good as you.

    Jackie Bradley Bowen Island ________________________________

  2. Dear Gord:

    I hope you are successful, I didn’t like Mr. Hogan sent police to the native land and

    yet he was complaining the demonstrators at his gate.

    I also don’t understand Andrew who said he is going to vote for Hogan, he must be demented.

    My donation is small but hope you can succeed to beat Mr. Hogan.

    Yoko Trotter

  3. From the North Coast Go Gord!

  4. I’ve been awe of you two ever since I’ve learned about you. Your concern for the planet and the ethical decisions you make regarding how you choose to live your lives (building an eco-home, driving electric cargo bikes, choosing “right livelihood” (nursery work and water harvesting installations), the hard work and determination to change legislation and “write the book” about composting toilets and your absolute dedication to your community). You make a venerable team. I couldn’t think of a better human being to represent their electorate! You would improve the world by your presence in provincial politics…best wishes!

  5. ellenguttormson

    Great to see you running for the Greens. I am incredibly privileged to have Elizabeth as my MP and Adam as my MLA. I have helped with all of their campaigns. Good to see that you have support from disaffected NDP as Horgan has certainly gone back on his word in so many instances. Good luck.

  6. Thank you, Gord and Ann, for being such true leaders! You have been doing this with Eco-Sense and local community work and activism for a long time – and it is so encouraging to think what could be accomplished if Gord brought his clear light into the legislature! I will be honoured to support the campaign in every way I can.

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