What’s left?

What’s left?  Well, it depends if you are talking about the economy, nature, oil, or our perennial plant nursery.  The answer could be the same for all no matter if you are an optimist or pessimist.

So much going on here and in the world it’s hard to keep track, but we are doing very well and enjoying life immensely.

The nursery has been steady all spring with lots of orders being picked up at our gate with never meeting the people.  But many sales still bring people one or two at a time and great conversations ensue with lots of physical distance.  In our circles, the pandemic has brought out the best in people.

Our plant stock is quite depleted which is good and bad.  The good is that we have less to water this summer…the bad is we have to tell people, sorry, sold out.

Walnut getting leaves

We are attempting to keep our inventory up to date, but there will be errors at this point in the season until we do a proper inventory. List here

What’s Left in the Nursery?  Here are some wonderful plants we do have for the last chance of the spring season in this week of cool and ideal planting conditions before summer.  Note that ALL sales are by private appointment or for pick up. email ann@eco-sense.ca for appointments.

NUTS: Lots of Walnuts, Chestnuts, and Yellowhorn in stock.  Heartnut Walnuts ($95) are large and well established. Chestnuts might produce in their first year but likely next.  Our various chestnuts ($75) are specially imported named varieties for their high productivity and large nuts. Our best food security tree.  The trees can be pruned for production and smaller size.  Both Walnuts and Chestnuts need at least two for pollination. Only a few blight resistant hazelnuts left. Send Gord an email for more information.  gord@eco-sense.ca

Lemon:  One really large lemon in stock.  Priced to sell at $150. (We had too many lemon trees at the front of the house and could not use all the fruit).

Pink Currents: If you already have red, black, and white, it’s time for a pink current.  Three in stock.

Large Pineapple Guava: Evergreen with spectacular flowers.  Need 2 to pollinate.  Winter hardy in a warmer spot once established.  Three in stock ($35-65)

Other Berries include sea berries, aronia, gooseberries, josta berry, grapes, goji, Szechuan peppers, and more.  Bare root thornless blackberries, and MORE.  See photos in gallery.

Fruit trees: Lots of various apples, just a few plums and pears left.  Some very nice asian pears including Chojuro and 20th Century.  Four types of figs.  Just a few fuzzy kiwi’s left.

Perennial Veggies and others:  Comfrey, perennial leek, walking onions, nodding onions, skirrett, Ground nut plants, OCA pots (small and large), globe artichoke (2 left), horseradish, 2 sea kale, 2 perennial kale, and more.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s Ann holding? See video below.

Raised garden beds: We continue to love these round, quick to build, inexpensive, raised garden beds that could last a lifetime. (see video).  One for sale.   $50.

Chicken set up on a small urban homestead:  Check out this awesome informative short video with our friends Taylor and Solara at Hatchet and Seed.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0v7xJKKWnQ&t=2s&fbclid=IwAR3nRwI0iLu2qkGiPJKNPa-ussCJG1z0R306yZzRnCWrmGjnPxZviTP4SkY


Videos:  We took a few short videos this week.  Here they are:

Weird flat brassica plant:

Chocolate Lily:


Gord making very quick and inexpensive portable raised garden bed.

New Garden tool made from old saw blade:

And finally, a beautiful photo of chard from our garden.  We ate it all in one meal.  YUM.

2 responses to “What’s left?

  1. Love the videos.
    Old saw weeder is super cool.
    Great work as always.
    Still one of my most favorite newsletters in the biz!

    • Jan and Nelson

      Hi Ann and Gord
      Loved your video on the pet fence raised beds Gord. Only problem is we could only hear the odd word. Might just be our phone reception! Got that it was pet fencing, but would appreciate knowing where you got it and the crimpers and the cost, to simplify shopping for it in these Covid times. Sure do enjoy and appreciate your blog! 😊💞🌈🌻🐦🌱🐝
      Jan and Nelson

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