(In)Frequent Flyer Points

Olive tree out front of the house has grown rapidly…partly due to a nitrogen fixing shrub called false indigo planted with it . Evergreen beauty!

Wow, what a week.  Everyone seems to be scrambling and settling in for what looks to be a long haul to get through this COVID-19 pandemic. So much going on right now locally and globally that’s it’s quite a bit to process.  It’s also a deep question to ponder – what will emerge on the other side of this virus.  My fear is that our civilization will simply pick up the pieces and carry on rebuilding the same broken system.  In all honesty, as horrible and gut wrenching as this pandemic is, the economic crisis created represents an incredible opportunity to reinvent everything that is broken in our culture.  We must focus on localizing everything we possibly can including:



Manufacturing & supply chains

Health &  Education

Entertainment  & Recreation &  Sport


Hardy kiwis are just getting ready to push out a mass of leaves. Excellent shade on the west side of the house. Fire resistant, keep the house cool, abundant fall fruits, and beautiful!

Here on the home front we are working on projects around the homestead; preparing gardens, grafting, soil building, and finishing up paid work that can be completed with “Social Distancing”.  We are also organizing our new plant stock in the Nursery and reinventing how we will do farm gate sales…again.

Here’s the latest Nursery plans:

All nursery sales will be by appointment only AND we will offer a pick up and local delivery service via our old farm truck.  (Delivery is free with orders over $400), and if Gord get the trailer for the bike built… perhaps by e-bike.  Send an email to either ann@eco-sense.ca or gord@eco-sense.ca to set up your private appointment.  When you arrive at our farm, please park on the street, and we will help you with your order while maintaining 2 meter social distancing.

Fuzzy kiwi trellis (we have self fertile fuzzy kiwis in stock). Cinnamon Vine (Chinese Yam) in the orange tub. Grows heart shaped leaves all over trellis to help provide summer shade. Yummy potato like tubers.

NO CASH sales.  Only cheques and e-transfers from now on.

Red, black, and white currents getting ready for leaves. Early, tasty fruits.

We have LOTS of new plants in stock and lots more not listed on our plant inventory sheets.

LOWER prices:  We have lowered prices on many items to move them fast…we don’t want to water them all summer.  We also have no idea if our nursery will have to close at some point due to further emergency plans.

Here’s the plant list:


SPECIAL 10% discount for everyone who has not flown in the last 2 years.  Please mention this NO-FLY discount to us when we are writing up your invoice.

Two (injured) thumbs up…

We continue to take time every day for gratitude for what is good.  Today I am grateful that this crisis has hit us in the spring.  What are you grateful for?

Let’s all get busy growing food and sharing seeds, starts, food, and skills with our community neighbours.  We can only get through this crisis together.

Stay healthy,

Ann and Gord

5 responses to “(In)Frequent Flyer Points

  1. Francis Kremler

    Hi folks, we would love an elderberry. Want to be able to make tincture from the berries. I notice you have three different elderberries listed. not sure which one we are looking for.

  2. Jan & Nelson Meadows

    Nelson wants to know😏….if we haven’t flown on 20 years, does this give us a 100% discount? 😉 Keep up the wonderful positive ideas and work!!!! 💞🌈🌱🐝🐦☕ Jan

  3. Hi there! I recently purchased an Opal Plum from you. Sadly It’s not showing much sign of life and the stem bark is cracking and splitting. I’m wondering if you might have another and if so, perhaps you could hold on to it for me. Thanks and best regards.. Fergus Mooney 250 589-6645

    Sent from Outlook Mobile


    • Hi Fergus, that’s not good. Our inventory list shows that we have one in stock, but I will have to check to make sure. We are happy to replace for you. I’ll get back to you.

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