CHANGES to our Spring Nursery Season

Gord grafting onto our oldest plum tree.

Two important changes impacting our spring nursery season:

  1. To do our part with social distancing to “Flatten the Curve” of the spread of COVID-19, our spring nursery season will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  
  2. No cash payments.  We will only accept payment for trees in the form of personal cheques or e-transfers.

Given the short notice, we will be in our nursery on Sunday March 22nd from 10am -2pm, but please make an appointment if possible so that we only have 1 customer at a time.  Following this Sunday, there will be no more regular weekend nursery hours. We can make other appointments for any time as we rarely are going out.

Spring broccoli shoots

Emails:      or

Updated plant list: CLICK HERE

This is an excellent time of year to start a garden and grow some food. It’s also an excellent project to keep us all busy, healthy, and sane.

Our newest trellis of Logan berries and thornless blackberries

I am busy preparing my annual gardens for more planting and Gord and I are planting more perennial fruit trees, nuts trees, berries, and perennial veggies.  Just yesterday we planted 2 elderberries in our lower garden.  Last week we planted two more walnuts, 2 more chestnuts, and some fast growing honey locust and black locust for shade and beauty.  We are planning to grow food for us and create abundance in our neighbourhood.  Let’s all grow and share food.

Take care everyone,

Ann and Gord

Protecting our dandelion greens from the bunnies

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