Three WATER Workshops

Three WATER workshops at Eco-Sense now posted for fall/winter 2018:

03c3a8_9e33325d05fb4751beb4d8f1f401acda~mv2Essential Composting Toilets – Nov. 3  10am-4pm  FULL
Responsible Water Alternatives – Nov. 17  10am-4pm FULL
Rain Water Harvesting – Dec. 1  10am-4pm FULL

Eco-Sense Eventbrite page is here.  Click on any link to register online.


Outside view of the MUD room @ Eco-Sense classroom

All workshops are small with only 12 people and are held in the MUD Room.  High quality screen for presentation.  See photos of MUD room here.

Also included in $90 course fee:

  • Short tour of the homestead – weather permitting.
  • Organic home made LUNCH with vegetarian and gluten free options. Coffee and tea.
Design Example Drawing

In ground concrete tanks

About Gord:

  • Co-Author of the book “Essential Composting Toilets” published by New Society Publishers in Oct 2018
  • Technical editor for the Manual of Composting Toilets and Greywater Practice for the province of BC
  • Accredited Professional with the American Rain Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA)
  • Co-creator/builder of the award-winning Eco-Sense home; awarded Living Building Challenge petal recognition in 2010.
  • Councillor District of Highlands 2014-present
  • Sits as a Water commissiosoner on both the Juan de Fuca and CRD water commissions

Cover Image emailed

HOW to Buy our book:

  1. Buy this book dirrectly from the publisher using this link, and we will get a small commission.
  2. Buy from us at our workshops or speaking engagements (note that we do not ship our books)
  3. Buy from your local bookstore
  4. Buy online from Amazon

Inside the classroom with BIG screen TV for quality presentations.  Maximum group size of 12.



2 responses to “Three WATER Workshops

  1. Thankyou for presenting these 3 workshops.
    I was truly educated & was given perfect logic to the method of pipes & tanks & collections with diagrams & tours of real working systems
    No doubt in my mind to build these services into my home for security & integrity. I bought Bairds book on Composting Toilets plus just received Rainwater Harvesting book from regional district of Nanaimo. I request the links to supporting charts from classes to my email.
    Thanks for huge wonderful meal of organic produce grown on their homestead. So healthy
    Both Bairds are my mentors & civic leaders.

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