Super BUSY September

Yup, crazy busy around here.  Our first open house for sales of Perennial Edible Plants is on SUNDAY SEPT 6, 2015.  Who’s coming?  10am-2pm at 3295 Compton Road in the East Highlands.

2015 Fall open house/farm sale dates 10am – 2pm are:

  • Sunday, Sept. 6th
  • Saturday, Sept. 12th
  • Sunday, Sept.  20th
  • Saturday, Oct 3rd (Maybe)
  • email for appointments for private sales  (

We have a great selection of plants (Inventory list here) and we will both be here to talk about anything from chickens to rain water to fermenting food.  People are more than welcome to wander around our overgrown gardens and look at the Eco-Hut (Farm office) and the Eco-Sense house from outside.  No plant purchase required.   All plant prices include GST.  We also have EGGS for sale.

***Water is on many peoples mind these days and Gord, along with Tayler from Hatchet and Seed, are giving a workshop in Nanaimo on Sept 27th.    Click on this link for event details and registration.  Drought-Proofing the Future: Planning for Water Resiliency.

Other things keeping up busy:

  • Fermenting and drying LOTS of food
  • DSC02018New sign for Eco-Sense
  • We have been grieving over the very sudden death of our dog Boo.  His heart had a tumour that ruptured.  Boo is buried in our front yard and will have a wild flower garden on top with his very own Boo apple tree right beside him (he planted it about 4 years ago). 

    Boo's resting place

    Boo’s resting place

  • Rain water installations
  • Teaching
  • Council activities.  (regular meetings, and council appointed committees.
    • Gord sits on the Juan de Fuca and CRD water commissions, Invasive species group, and Emergency planning.
    • Ann sits on the Inter Municipal Climate Action Advisory Group and the Social Sustainability Select Committee.
  • Gord took his hunting license course
  • Purchased a 10-year old smart car…only 78,000 km on it and excellent mileage.  We would have liked to get an electric car, but we wanted something bare bones and in our price range.  It costs less than $16 to fill and we can do most of our trips in this…even holds many of Gord’s tools.
  • DSC00606chickens and ducks keep us busy.
    • We have one young rooster that thinks he is a duck…very cuddly and likes to stand in the water.  Very talkative too.  We are going to keep him for our flock.  Gord named him Beaker (from Muppets fame) this morning.
    • Had to process our two older roosters.  VERY hard to do, but their spurs were hurting the chickens who were at times bleeding on their backs.
  • DSC01183Cleaning the community cob bathroom with composting toilet..woohoo, more resources!
  • DSC01191Plant inventory update, transplanting and watering plants, harvesting food.

Newest videos on Eco-Sense:

Grow your Food in a Nook and Cranny Garden:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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  1. Another excellent update…thanks to both of you for keeping us in the loop.

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