Radio interview – Changes Radio – Walking the Talk

A couple weeks ago Gord was interviewed … originally supposed to be about water, but turned into a lot more.
Podcast is not up yet, but here is a link to listen to the 1 hour interview.
Eco-Sense – Walking the Talk – Changes CHLY 101.7 FM

4 responses to “Radio interview – Changes Radio – Walking the Talk

  1. I’ve downloaded the interview and am SO looking forward to listening while I’m gardening!

  2. Excellent interview Gord…your making a big impression in the mid island area.

  3. Hey Ann and Gord! Aloha from Hawaii!
    This has nothing to do with this topic, but I just wanted to let you and your family know that we think you’re doing a fantastic job!
    I’ve been keeping up with you all since you were on Peak Moment years ago and am just in bewildered awe! You guys are great! I also wanted to mention that I recently stumbled across your YouTube channel and was wondering if you’d be making any new videos? Gord’s video on composting toilets was great, as I’m trying to get the rest of my family onboard with the idea. Gord made it all seem so easy! Husband still isn’t sold, but I didn’t get a flat “no” this time, so progress, right?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us looking for ways to heal the Earth.

    • Not getting a “no” is on route to a yes. Here in in the Province of BC the government is just working through new draft regulations for composting toilets and greywater systems, with a preliminary approval of them in the Building Code as well.
      We’ve been wanting to do more videos, but time seems so limited. Thanks for your kind words,

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