Two new properties for sale next door to Eco-Sense

Two adjacent properties beside Eco-Sense are going up for sale in the coming weeks.  The first property is so IDEAL for permaculture that we drool over it, complete with very gentle south facing slope of flat land, great solar exposure, no tree removal required, great pond, established veggie garden, and seasonal stream perfect for micro-hydro. Already two chestnut trees 20 years old and producing. Two acres of potential food forest and lots of existing soil. If we had the funds, we would buy it up… could actually make a living doing food production on this rare jewel. The second property, which would be suited for nook and cranny type permaculture – suitable for hazelnuts and apples, chickens etc.

2770 Bukin Dr W
$753,000 BC Assessment. About 5 acres with house.

2850 Bukin Dr W
$564,000 BC Assessment: about 2 acres with house.

This first piece of land backs up to our land behind our chicken coop…we could visit with a short trail through the forest.
The second property is also adjacent to us and beside the first property and can be reached via a short forest trail.

Map of two adjacent properties soon to hit the market.

Map of two adjacent properties soon to hit the market.

We live in a community (The Highlands) where 40% of it’s land base is world class parks and hiking…unbelievable natural beauty and biodiversity. Only 10 minutes from Victoria General hospital, and only 12 minute to the Galloping goose…a walking/biking network of trails for the entire region. Only 15 minute to downtown Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Our region is home to Canada’s first Green MP (Elizabeth May), and British Columbia’s first Green MLA (Andrew Weaver…nobel prize winning climate scientist). Southern Vancouver Island is surrounded by oceans and located in an area where vegetables can grow YEAR ROUND. Just sayin…
Lets take over the neighbourhood with community and permaculture. Sad to loose our existing neighbours, but hoping to find some more great people.

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