Plants and Rants (Post on Hierarchy coming soon)

0001oTPerennial Edible Plant Sale:  Same place, same time – Sunday 10am – 2pm at 3295 Compton Road in the East Highlands, Victoria. Feel free to come on out and have a peek around…no purchase required. Beautiful photo of our new sign and Eco-Hut taken by our friend Josh of Integrated Living Landscapes. Their company has been busy designing and planting edible landscapes all over town.

Lots more plants available.  Check out our online plant list with our listed stock and prices.  All prices include GST.  Any plants that have been started by us or repotted have had a mycorrhizal inoculant added.  We also blend all of our own soils here on site.


Ginger shoots coming up beside lemon plant. Example of utilizing micro climates.  No lemon or ginger plants for sale – yet.


Perennial Leek that has been going strong for months. We have planted lots of these. One big leaf goes a long ways in soups, stews, omelettes, and stir fries.


Our special apple tree has been grafted with 4 other types of apples. Lots of bulbs and onions in the guild at the base. Shooting stars in full bloom…and yes, that’s Ann’s finger.


Spreading lingonberry. Sold out for the season. Flowering red current in the background is Ann’s favourite plant. Ann started it from seed about 15 years ago.


Elderberries in the nursery


Dwarf sour cherries – well stocked with 4 types. These have been specially bread to be sweet…don’t be fooled by the name.


Red currents, white currents, and pink currents. Black currents coming in a few weeks.  Spot the duck.


We have 3 types of kiwis; fuzzy, hardy, and arctic


Japanese pepper plant…a beautiful plant with edible leaves as well as spicy little pepper corns.


Hosta’s. Two types…only 4 left of each. Specially selected for edibility.


Crosne. Sweet little juicy crunchy tubers. Very unique ground cover…looks like mint. Small pots for only $5 will get you started. One of the first plants up in the spring.


Echinacea. Purple cone flower. Beautiful and medicinal.


Yarrow…spreading ground cover. Excellent for tea, highly medicinal both internally and externally. Fennel…everyone needs 1 fennel. Sweet yummy leaves for garden nibbles and salads.


Four types of figs for sale: Desert King, Dwarf bush fig, black negrone fig, and Peter’s Honey Fig.


Nodding onion. Native wild flower – beautiful and edible. Excellent in fruit tree guilds to help out compete grasses. Also 2 logan berries left – these berries grow quickly, are prolific, large and sweet, and NO thorns.


A new type of rhubarb. Strawberry rhubarb. Looking forward to trying this type.


We planted out over 100 of these  strawberries as ground cover…hopeful the birds will be so full we will get some too. Both types are ever-berring. We have used them for ground cover and to hold a steep slow together by preventing erosion. $3 per plant (we potted up the bare root plants and they are already growing like crazy)

Post coming soon on Gord’s Rant (with Ann’s edit) on Hierarchy.

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