One Step Forward

The Eco-Sense proposal to create a new land use policy called the Net Zero Additional Dwelling (NZAD) was presented to District of Highlands council on Monday night (Feb 6th, 2012).  The document (NZAD Proposal) was accepted as correspondence by council.  Council then took it a step further by recommending that discussions with staff be initiated.  This means that we can now officially meet with the planner who will prepare a staff report making a recommendation to council of what the next steps would be to introduce such a policy.  YEAH!  We meet with the planner on Feb 16th.

Meanwhile…here in the mud…

  • We met with the geotechnical engineer who suggested that we needed some sort of retaining wall to build the small eco-dwelling.  This would be on the north side against the bank.
  • Gord standing in the N/E corner of the building site

    Ann said no to concrete…and both Ann and Gord scratched their heads.  Tim Krahn, the structural engineer, suggested rammed earth tires.  So this looks like we may go that route…recycled tires and mud.  We have lots of mud.

  • The connections have been made between the pond and the existing under road water pipes…did I mention we have mud?…lots of mud.  After ripping up the driveway, it rained.  More mud.
  • We have been repairing the road and were able to use recycled crushed concrete for much of the repair…especially for the road that was moved away from the lower gardens and the new eco-dwelling site.
  • Used pipe...some good bits...some not so good

    We have put drainage into the roads and buried the electrical cable for the new BC Hydro service.  Also some used PVC pipes.  PVC is banned for the Living Building Challenge, however it’s ok to reuse what was already here.

    Gord in trench with electrical cable

  • We have been doing lots of brainstorming for systems, materials, and logistics.  We have been busy.
  • The rats ate all most of our winter broccoli just when it was in it’s prime.  We are overrun with rats…no doubt from the death and destruction being inflicted upon the land next door…rodents have got to go somewhere when their home is destroyed.  Ann’s pissed.  In desperation we set snap traps…much better than poison, but only caught one so far…then there was the Robin Ann caught…then there were tears.
  • Last update we reported that our well water had failed the potability test…It tastes much better these days and three of our neighbours have reported that their water is fine.  Once again, this could be due to the death and destruction occurring adjacent to the wetlands next door…no way of knowing.  Still have to re-test our water.
  • Pulled 28 ticks out of the dog this morning.  Most were Deer ticks that can carry Lyme…one spot had a red bull’s eye…common on the dog.  Poor Boo…at least he is vaccinated for Lyme Disease.
  • After much deliberation with our facebook community, we have a name for the new Living Building Project; Highlands Habitat by Eco-Sense.
On Feb. 22nd at 7pm Gord and Ann are giving a half hour presentation on our home powered by the sun.  Judith Cullington from Colwood is also presenting on the Solar Colwood project.  Location is at the Caleb Pike Heritage site in the old Pike House.  Free!
We do not have any public tours scheduled at the moment but we will be resuming private tours in March…quite a few private tours already booked.  It’s been way to muddy around here.  Later this spring we will likely schedule a public tour.  Rates are on our website.
Anyways, that’s it for now.  Here are a few links/videos we enjoyed lately.
10 minute film on the Gateway pipeline.
Alone in the Wilderness. Documentary about one man who lived alone in Alaska and built a log cabin.  EXCELLENT.
Sharkwater.  Amazing documentary on Sharks. POWERFUL message and amazing video.
Website for IslandGals.  Ann writes a column called “It All Makes Eco-Sense”.
Into Eternity.  This documentary is very thought provoking.  Wow, our thoughts went places they have not gone before.  Powerful.
Spoil  Excellent documentary and photography on the Great Bear Rain Forest.  A must watch.

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