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Classes, kids & Pumpkin pie

We have been pre-occupied, but isn’t that our usual intro. We jumped into winter with a new puppy addition to the family, the arrival of goat kids, spring farm duties and then all the other stuff.

Rainwater Harvesting Class

Gord will be teaching an 8 part online series on rainwater harvesting starting April 20, running every Thursday from 6pm-7:30pm PST. The link is https://www.regenerativeliving.online/course/rwhlive2023 . Gord will be teaching rainwater from his perspective as a designer/installer from gutter to tap (or irrigation), including tips and tricks, regulations, filtration, disinfection, pumps and even sharing his design platform and a simplified water balance/budgeting tool.

Example of one of Gord’s designs

Pumpkin Pie (otherwise known as F2 – Fluffy Fker)

Pumpkin the puppy, officially a mutt, is also known in her native tongue as WuuWuuWoo, has grown into a husky dog… we had not expected this. We had not expected the vocalizations or the shedding… which tells you we had not considered a husky. She is a sweet being when not chewing on us, prefers staying near home base, and does not view our youngest or oldest family members as food. She is a lap dog both in terms of where she prefers to sit, and what she prefers to do to your face while sitting. Gord hasn’t had to wash his face in weeks.

Ann and Gord finally had kids together

We never dreamt of being able to have a kid let alone two. Especially since that snipping event 17 years ago. But as sometimes happens when not paying attention, BOOM, your doe gets pregnant and drops some kids at your feet. Dabha is a wonderful mom, giving birth to Lena Cream Baird and Lyka Baird, two does. Lena is latin for bright/light; Lyka is Arabic for “Queen of Rocks”. OMG they are so frickin cute and cuddly. We now know why people end up with so many goats – even Gord is re-considering the imposed 2-goat limit.

Solar kicking butt

Our new solar panels are installed, a doubling from 2.4 kW to 5.8 kW array. It is really looking like we will be easily net zero for all our needs (heating included) with this small array. Our updated charge controllers have been on back order for 6 months so we have had to turn panels off to not overload our existing controllers – even on a cloudy day we are bringing in 60 amps at 26 VDC on each old controller. We love heating with electricity.

Feeding time for Stormy, Sparky, and Pumpkin


Suddenly it’s Spring. Our nursery has been slow and steady all winter and now it’s the crazy spring season. Our inventory list is online with a good selection of Hazelnuts, Pears, Apples, Grapes, Currants, and lots more. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j-GtX_ufCTWu8muXbCjqAYfc-cIP7WKl/view?pli=1. All prices already include GST. Grafted trees range from $25-$45 depending on how large.

All sales continue to be by private appointment. Please email ann@eco-sense.ca to ask questions or set up a time.

Greenhouse propagation…plants…not kids