Rainwater Harvesting

We can help you decide whether rainwater collection is suitable for you.

Why Rainwater?  

  • poor well quality and quantity?
  • present potable water source too dirty and costly to clean?
  • Emergency water storage for disasters or fire suppression?
  • to decrease storm water flow into city storm drains and sewers?
  • provide irrigate for food crops when water restrictions disallows such?

1 hr Site visit = $160
Covers lay of the land, assessing collection area suitability, limitations, opportunities, and collect measurements to proceed with estimates and data analysis.  Areas over 20 kms away we charge $0.52/km.

Data Analysis = $120
Cover determining the potential collection volumes, usage patterns (water budgets), and storage options that best fit your needs, presented graphically.

Costs normally associated with rainwater systems can include:
Gutters and Gutter Guards
Pre-filtration prior to storage
Conveyance piping
various filtration for potable and non-potable applications
construction needs, foundations, surrounding decks, excavations
Irrigation (In partnership with Hatchet & Seed Landscaping and Design)
Keyline/swails/ponds (In partnership with Hatchet & Seed Landscaping and Design)

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