Rainwater Harvesting & Water Systems

We consult on water systems from well water, surface water and rainwater harvesting.  Our area of specialty is ensuring your water source meets and maintains potable water quality.

Why Rainwater?  

  • poor well quality and quantity?
  • present potable water source too dirty and costly to clean?
  • Emergency water storage for disasters or fire suppression?
  • to decrease storm water flow into city storm drains and sewers?
  • provide irrigate for food crops when water restrictions disallows such?

1 hr Site visit = $160
Covers lay of the land, assessing collection area suitability, limitations, opportunities, and collect measurements to proceed with estimates and data analysis.  Areas over 20 kms away we charge $0.52/km.

Data Analysis = $220
Cover determining the potential collection volumes, usage patterns (water budgets), and storage options that best fit your needs, presented graphically.

Costs normally associated with rainwater systems can include:
Gutters and Gutter Guards
Pre-filtration prior to storage
Conveyance piping
various filtration for potable and non-potable applications
construction needs, foundations, surrounding decks, excavations
Irrigation (In partnership with Hatchet & Seed Landscaping and Design)
Keyline/swails/ponds (In partnership with Hatchet & Seed Landscaping and Design)

Rainwater System Design Average Costs

  • Engineered residential design  – $6000 ($3500 design + $2500 engineer stamp)
  • Non-engineered design – $3500
  • Consulting – $100/hr
  • Install – $85/hr

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