Price List & Our Stock & Plant Info

This is our updated price and availability list.   We have many more items naturalized into our forests and gardens, so If you don’t see something, send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Plant nursery is open 10 days per year or by private appointment as posted on the events in the side bar.  Please email or for appointments or questions.

Custom Grafting:  Please contact Gord for your custom grafting requirements.

Price List & Availability.  All prices INCLUDE GST.

Plant Info PDF’s (like we have posted in the nursery)





















leek, perennial (elephant garlic)









sea-berry (Sea Buckthorn)






38 responses to “Price List & Our Stock & Plant Info

  1. Heather davidson

    Hi, interested in picking up some plants. When are you open for sales? Thanks. Heather davidson

    • Hi Heather, We are open Saturdays from 10am -2pm until the end of June. We will be starting up again on Sept 6 and running through the fall. If people can’t make Saturdays we offer other appointments to view the plants. Summer sales will also be by appointment.

  2. Hi there – do you have Siberian Ginseng for sale? I would like to add this to my garden – thank you. Romy

    • Hi Romy, Yes we do…we have one in stock that Gord propagated from our parent plant. Our public open house for perennial plant sales is on Saturdays from 10am – 2pm until the end of June. If you can’t make this, let us know and we can set up another time for you. Ann

  3. That is so awesome!!! I would like to purchase it – what is the price? Also I work on weekends or I’d love to see your beautiful place. I am beginning permaculture on my property too. What other time could I come and pick up the plant? Thanks so much, Romy

  4. HI I am just wondering if you have any Szechwan pepper trees left? i would love to get one. My Neighbor visited you last weekend and told me bout you and i checked out your website. Looks really fantastic! unfortunately i work saturdays till about 2 but maybe i could come out another time that would be convenient to you.
    thank you
    clif leir

  5. Hi there, I just found your website and am thrilled to see what you are doing. I have been hunting for perennial vegetables and permaculture plants for ages with no idea that you were on the island. Are you still selling plants/seeds? I would love to purchase a perennial leek and a walking onion if you are are.

    • Hi Jenn, we will be opening back up this fall on Saturdays. We will have more perennial leeks and walking onions then. Hope to see you in the fall. Ann

  6. Thanks Ann – see you in the fall 🙂

    • Hi Ann, I will be coming to your plant sale this coming Saturday. I believe I read on your site somewhere that you would like 1 gallon and larger pots? I have a few empty ones (between 1-3 gallons) that I would be happy to bring, but I also have 15 1 gallon pots with strawberry plants in them (I just dug up one of my strawberry patches) – any interest in those as well? Thanks, Jenn.

      • Hi just wondering if you will be getting any more of those Szechwan pepper trees in? hope you had a good summer, clif

      • Hi Cliff. I have a order confirmation and I think they put the Sezchuan pepper trees into February, but I will phone this coming monday to double check.. We had our first peppercorns this year. Holy smokes! There is a LOT of punch in one peppercorn – my mouth was numb for about an hour, and tingly for a couple hours after that. The bread was wonderful; thank you very much.

  7. Sounds great! already looking forward to spring…

    • Good news Cliff. Sezchuan trees will be ready on and after Tuesday Sept 16th. Will confirm their health when I see them, and CFIA is inspecting them on Monday here at the home. Cheers

  8. Oh that’s very exciting thanks for letting me know I would be very happy to come pick up a couple let me know when I good time is

    • Cliff, You are the busiest so I will defer to your schedule. We are around Friday through next Friday, and in particular the nursery open house on Saturdays (10-2). That said we understand your schedule so just give us a heads up the day before… and worst case scenario, we’ll leave them on top of the driveway where you parked before with your name on them. Cheers, Gord

  9. Okay thanks I know you folks are super busy too I could head up there tomorrow Saturday I just wouldn’t get up there till sometime between two and three so not too far off the mark
    hope that works okay and looking forward to it thank you

  10. Sounds good Clif. See you tomorrow.

  11. Interested in purchasing a mulberry bush. Do I make an appointment?

  12. I am looking for some Turmeric Root fresh to grow in my indoor garden 🙂 Any chance you would have some to sell? I am also looking for some wasabi roots as well.

    • Hi Michael, We have healthy Turmeric plants for sale in a small put that are 4 inches tall healthy and ready for repotting. They are $12 each (inc GST). Sorry, no wasabi roots for sale.

  13. Hi, can I download your plant availability list in spreadsheet format? This will make it much simpler for me to use it with database. Thanks. Jonathan:

  14. Rachelle Cornish


    I’m interested in coming out to purchase some plants however work all Saturday’s and Sunday’s . I noticed in a previous post you can make an appointment , how do I do that?


  15. Hi,

    Do you have any almond trees available?



  16. I am interested in buying some Himrod grape vines. 4 if they are available. I am also very interested in the Ghoumi berry plants. I would like to try at least two of each variety if possible

    • Hi Greg, we have the 4 Himrod in stock (and more being propagated). We are also well stocked with 2 types of Goumi berries. Are you planning to come to our first nursery sales of the spring season (in early March), or would you like to make an appointment to come by sooner? Please email to set up details:

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  18. Hi I was just curious how big your plants are that you sell- I was looking at the price list but there was no sizes listed. Thanks, Dareios

    • Hi, Sorry we don’t yet have that level of inventory. Mostly due to our small and unique nursery. There are only a few plants that list the size of the pot. All of our sales are local, so customers come to our nursery and choose their plants. Let us know if you have a particular plant you are interested in knowing it’s size. Also important to note that all of our plant prices already include the taxes.

  19. Hi do you have tea plant for sale?

  20. Guisella Tesoro

    Hii there: Do you still have some yacon? I am peruvian and I miss it. Thanks.

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