Saying no.

Nursery:  Before we say “no” to the Nursery season, we are saying “yes” to the last day for spring plant sales. Saturday May 26th from 10am–2pm.  We have a FREE table too…and some small $5 goji berries.
This is by far the very best time of the year to take a peek around the homestead and enjoy the maturing food-scape that inspired our perennial edible plants nursery.


It is so hard to say “no” to all those things you really know that we as a culture need to say “yes” to.  Why is it so hard?

Like that question Gord poses, “Hey Ann, I love your brain and the red hair that covers it… want to go and discuss global world issues?”   Ann’s answer “No.  I have to get the carrots planted!”  –––  Ann chiming in here…I usually jump at the opportunity to talk about global and local issues and how everything is connected.  I’ve just been way behind in the garden this year.  Just last night I read an article on systems thinking by Richard Heinberg that was quite good.  He also talked about people that focus on systems thinking are also the most pessimistic about our global predicament.  Another favourite source of entertainment is listening the local CBC radio program called the political panel (7:40 am Friday mornings).  We have both been quite entertained lately by BC and Alberta politics over pipelines, tankers and fossil fuels.  Bottom line though, is we only have 2 decades to get to ZERO carbon emissions.  We are not particularly hopeful given the local and global politics playing out combined with our collective inability to change our consumption.

Or the other question Gord poses, “Ann, I think I have a tick in a spot I can’t see.  Want to take a peek?”   Ann’s answer “No.  I can’t see anything until I go get my glasses on…even then maybe not”.

After ticks are found and removed, another favourite pastime is reading articles together…like a recent one on tourism.  Apparently tourism accounts for about 8% of total emissions.  We have learned however, that many of our acquaintances, and even friends and family, do not like us to talk about aviation.  Apparently there are THREE taboo subjects…religion, politics, and aviation.  Well maybe a fourth…the subject of fecal transplants are also not well received, despite some hard science on the topic–if we had a soap box to stand on, perhaps we could tout the science… then again we could perhaps use a stool.

This past two months we have been over the top busy and Gord has had to learn to say “no” but of course never to Ann.  Saying no to community groups on toilet design, saying no to more community groups on emergency preparedness meetings, almost even saying no to some of the editing requests on the book, and rescheduling the much desired time to hang with the kids.  For Gord the water design work of Eco-sense has become so busy that it is now a going concern.  Four new home potable rain harvesting systems, a design of a small water system for an 8 home strata, potential of 3 more designs, and then the composting toilet projects.  In our culture we look at this with the utmost respect, that you are too busy for the important things for life.  Here’s a neat little video on slowing down and appreciating the work of making textiles.

[INSERT picture of Pump curves and filter schematics here]. (This is where Gord is too busy to do his final edit and insert his photo…currently, he’s in the lower garden installing a filter, for the pond water so that we can hook up irrigation that wont plug up.).

Gord did say yes to do a 5 hour workshop on Salt Spring Island around compost toilets, greywater, rainwater and the responsible water alternatives that we apply around here on the homestead.  The course was well attended, with participants comings for hugs afterwards.  Gord was glad for saying yes.

We’ve been busier than we like to be…with deadlines of everything fast approaching.  However, this is temporary, and we are looking forward to slowing down.  We are going camping again this summer for a local backpacking trip…either in Strathcona park, or Nootka Island.  We are very lucky to have some friends looking after the homestead while we are away.  Nina, chickens, chicks, ducks, and all the food gardens will be in good hands.  One of our ducks is also sitting on a dozen eggs.  If all goes well there will be a bunch of ducklings emerging on June 17th +/-.

DSC03506We are loving and enjoying spring more every year.  The beauty of this place is growing exponentially…this is one exponential curve we like.

Here’s a quick list of some interesting articles and videos on technology…which has been another topic of conversation around here this spring.  The first is an article describing how technology can not bail us out of this predicament.  Better Technology Isn’t the solution to ecological collapse.  Then a Video with Jeremy Rifkin discussing how technology could help us transition to a zero carbon world.  Both are well thought out…I guess time will tell.  Feel free to post other technology links in the comments.

Gord and Ann



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