Beautiful and Stinky

The title “Beautiful and Stinky”, sums up our homestead right now.  The wet spring has lead to amazing growth and greenery with lots of fruit setting on our trees and shrubs.  The home made fish compost (like sea soil), has been distributed on our perennials adding to their health and nasty fragrance.  However, we much prefer stinky fish compost to toxic laundry smells or chemically scented shampoos, creams and lotions.


The nursery at the end of a cold wet spring. Looking very green.

Last Day Of The Spring Season:  This Saturday, June 3rd from 10-3pm is the last day of the spring season to come on out to see and enjoy our beautiful and stinky homestead.  We are staying open an extra hour this Saturday.  3295 Compton Road, East Highlands, Victoria.

PLANT LIST: Check out our list of plants in stock and our prices.  Note that our prices include the GST.  Plant list.   BIG SALE:  Many items have been discounted AND everything is 10% off our list price.  

TOONIE TABLE – These items are priced to move:  Sweet potatoes slips, Oca starts, skirret plants, tomatillo starts (4 for $2), Heritage tomatoes.  Please give them a home.  $2 each.

In other news, we are getting REALLY excited about our upcoming backpacking adventure. It’s been 4 years since we’ve left the homestead.  We can’t deny that we do have anxiety about leaving our gardens, Nina, the ducks and chickens, and all the beauty and food here on this land.  However, we have two families living here while we embark on our backpacking trip of the North Coast Trail in Cape Scott Park.  This trip is keeping with our values of low carbon footprint nature immersion local holidays.  No flying for us!  We are also keeping our backpacking garbage to a minimum by making our own meals up with as much of our own local food as possible.  I have dried some veggies, fruit, and meat, made some low moisture hard cheese, and we are putting together our dried food meals.  We are planning a slower paced trip where we hike the trail both ways (rather than take a water taxi), and can stay a couple days in different locations when we are tired or just fall in love with the special places we will see.

Here’s some photo’s from our last trip together where we went kayaking to Brooks Peninsula:


Inappropriate Technology:  Dumping Telus moving to a different way of getting internet and phone – Gord is learning all about cable modems, ATAs, Routers, Switches, VOIP, and how to use a cell phone.  The system is up, the cellphone is set up with a voice mail to just email us… and our land line on a corded phone is now running over the internet.


Connectedness reaching new levels

Appropriate Technology:  The solar dehydrator has reached new heights… now mounted upon a swivel pipe system for easy access and swiveling, better solar exposure, and less in the way.


The dehydrator reaching new heights – now swivels: Today in the dryer we have 2 sheets of leeks, 1 dried hot cereal mixture, 3 kale chips, 1 raisons, 1 prunes.  We purchased raisons and prunes but are drying them further to reduce the weight for backpacking.

Natural tech reaches new heights:  Lushness is beginning and by late June it will be unbelievable.



2 responses to “Beautiful and Stinky

  1. Hi, just came across your site.
    For the sake of clarity, are your plant nursery sales still a go for next Saturday, June 10, 2017 as mentioned on the right-hand column?

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