A very quick newsy update

Hi, we are working on a blog post but it’s not quite ready.  It will just have to wait until next week.  In the meantime, here’s a couple quick items:


Yes, we have a dog (Nina) who gives us the toothy grin when she’s happy or when she knows she’s done something wrong.  hehe

Perennial Edible Plants Sales on Saturday from 10am – 2pm. Come on out and walk the gardens, say HI to Dug the duck, Nina the dog, and Gord and Ann the crazy people.  Come to buy plants or just to talk about crazy stuff…no shortage of crazy topics out there.  Some weeks the nursery is super busy, some it’s very slow, but overall this has been by far our busiest spring season yet.  It seems that people are waking up to the benefits of local perennial food systems for fun, beauty and food security.   3295 Compton Road. Lots of new stuff to see and the leaves are FINALY coming out.

  • We have sweet potato slips, Oca, Eggs, cover crop (soup peas) and lots of the regular hard to find perennial food plants.  See photos below for how we get sweet potato slips started.

Grey Water Workshop on April 27th:  FULL

Special public tour on May 28th: FULL

Introduction to Composting Toilets on July 22:  Still have spots.  Here’s the link:

Here’s a bunch of new photos this year.



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