BC Storm – Nursery closed Sun Oct 16

A notice to all that we will be closed Sunday October 16th

Why?  Potentially the biggest storm to hit this part of the world, at least since 1962, with potentially 150kmh winds and lots of rain…enough rain to fill the pond for the first time EVER.  We will be open the following Sunday Oct 23rd from 10am-2pm.  People can also make private appointments to buy plants.  email gord@eco-sense.ca



This is a quick note with some useful links to get info & share info for the storms for the next couple days.
PLEASE share with other Highlanders.

Ryan Hobbs the Highlands Emergency Co-ordinator has a twitter feed noted below, and has updated information on the Highlands District Website (also below).
Ann and Gord’s Twitter Feed Ann & Gord‏ @BairdEcoSense https://mobile.twitter.com/BairdEcoSense
Highlands Emergency Preparedness Twitter feed https://mobile.twitter.com/HighlandsEP
Highlands Fire Department Twitter feed https://mobile.twitter.com/HighlandsFire
Highlands Fire Rescue Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/HighlandsFireDept/?fref=ts
Highlands Sustainability Group Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/308466883984/

Things to think about:

  • Steep driveway:  Park a car at the bottom in case the rains wash the driveway out
  • Sand bags might be needed … Brock White in Langford has stock of thousands of polypropylene sand bags (unfilled)
  • Water purification…
    – boil 1 minute, or
    – Water Tabs, or
    – 3 drops of Lugol’s strong iodine per litre shake and let stand 30 minutes, or
    – 2 drops of Lugol’s strong iodine per litre and stand over night
  • Top up propane
  • Chainsaw:  ensure you have your oil/gas mix all ready, sharpen the saw, top up chain oil, and test the saw.
  • Check in with your neighbours

More detailed information found here at the DOH Emergency Response section ( http://highlands.bc.ca/183/Emergency-Preparedness )

Wish you all well

Ann and Gord

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