Eat it, Breathe it, Live it. FOOD WORKSHOP

Finally Eco-Sense has an update you can bite your teeth into!

TWO events:

  • Sunday Sept 20th from 10am-2pm – Open house for sales of perennial edible plants – 3295 Compton Road at Eco-Sense.  More details on last weeks post here:
  • Wednesday Sept 30th from 9am-3pm. Food Workshop at Eco-Sense (read on for details)
Mud House

Mud House

Food is on our minds.  We are harvesting it, defending it, drying it, fermenting it, culturing it, protecting it, nurturing it and of course eating it and drinking it.  Our life is completely revolving around food.

Chickens have been cuddled, nurtured, fed, watered, and cleaned.  Not to mention two roosters that went into the pot.  The roosters spurs were too hard on the poor chickens… Oliver and Big Ben had an awesome life and one bad second.  Very sad and tasty simultaneously.  Life has been full of experiencing what appears to be contradictory emotions at the same time.

Chickens LOVE salad

Chickens LOVE salad

We have been having to reduce the rat population (snap traps) in order to enjoying our diversity of sweet potatoes, corn, beans, quinoa, tomatoes, peppers, beans, greens, potatoes, squash, melons, leeks, apples, plums, pears, and so on.  At least we no longer have a rabbit problem (we ate them all – and NO we didn’t eat the rats; the compost pile did).  Abundance is shared with nature as the biodiversity on this land grows.  The gardens are in full fall chaos as many plants have gone to seed and the bees are LOVING it.

MUD House Cheese

MUD House Cheese goes well with salsa

Food Workshop including Eco-Sense Lunch:  In celebration of the fall season we are offering our first ever local food preservation workshop.  Ann is known for her quick and simple ways of doing things so this workshop will officially be called the No-Farting Around Food Workshop.  Class will be small with only 6-8 people and held on Wednesday Sept 30th from 9am – 3pm.  


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato bed

Sweet potato bed

Demos and topics to include:

  • Cheese making – Feta, hard cheese, and MUD house cheese (cottage cheese).  Start to finish including waxing the round.
  • Goat milk Kefir
  • Fermenting breakfast grains
  • Brewed ginger beer – inexpensive, fast (3 weeks), about 10-15% alcohol, counter top method with simple equipment
  • Fermenting the garden harvest – learn some simple techniques and tricks, see the equipment and different methods.
  • Drying food.  Solar dryers. Tricks and techniques – lots of ideas.
  • Tour the gardens, chicken coops, and Eco-Hut with Gord
  • LUNCH – Sample some of everything – even Ann’s ginger beer or Gord’s dark beer (yes made with our own hops).  Mostly local food with menu to be determined.
  • Fermenting kits available for purchase – everything to get you started.
  • Food preservation philosophy, food security, fun, health.

Cost:  $100 (+ GST) per person.  No chemical fragrances please (hair products, deodorants, or scented laundry products).

Contact: for booking

(Gord’s comment:   Seems like a lot to cover  in 6 hrs… but for those who know us we just don’t fart around.  Bring a notebook, video record it… whatever but be prepped for one hell of an experience).

Thanks for reading,

Ann and Gord

Ann's hair after digging sweet potatoes

Ann’s hair after digging sweet potatoes

6 responses to “Eat it, Breathe it, Live it. FOOD WORKSHOP

  1. Sign me up….

  2. Hey Ann, would love to join you for this workshop, but not bump anyone. Can I barter for the fee? Goat mulch? Horse manure?

  3. Sign me up too Ann. xo sandraAh what the hell, I think I have enough “carbon credits” to drive my car. I shall park it miles away and walk the Highlands though.

    • You are signed up Sandra. Tell John he can come and hang out with Gord if he would like…Gord is my support crew…doing a short garden tour before lunch and cleaning up after lunch while we move into the other kitchen for more demos. Gord may also squeeze in a batch of home made beer…we’ll see how the logistics work out for that. 🙂

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