Ann Baird & Gord Baird ELECTED

Ann and Gord – Both elected to Highlands Council

Integrating Business, Science, Ethics, Ecology and Passion

Many Highlanders may recognize Gord and Ann from 9 years of media coverage documenting their adventures creating the Eco-Sense homestead in the District of Highlands.  Or they may recognize Ann and Gord from the full size road side “campaign” sign which we borrowed from the 2008 Royal BC Museum exhibit.

Sign for the election all complete, with Ann reluctantly plucked from the garden to have her picture taken (with carrots she just plucked and Boo looking to pluck some carrots himself).

One response to “Ann Baird & Gord Baird ELECTED

  1. It’s about time someone honest, hard working, knows about & cares about Mother Earth “realistically” thinks long term will represent. Made my day– Anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask!




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