What’s the news at Eco-Sense? Updated Sat. 13th

Could it be that the nuts trees are growing crazy?

Could it be that we are going nuts?

Could it be that … ooops we have to wait just a few more days before the news.   But if we are caught in a plant frenzy stupor this Saturday while we sell our nuts trees, like our 3 types of walnuts, 3 types of chestnuts, yellow horn, sweet ultra hardy northern pecan, and blight resistant hazelnuts from OSU (Oregon State University), we might be spill the beans.

We went through the summer with our nursery plants, not expecting anything other than just caring for them through the drought of July and August, not expecting to have any surprises, but low and behold we had gojis, sea buck thorn and autumn olives set fruit, and the european olives and lemons have fruit on them.   Yum!

Other things experienced this week include Boo going in for surgery, having four teeth pulled and costing close to $2000.  No hard feelings, but wow, having a dog that has the freedom Boo has, can be costly… and it was pointed out that wolfs only live four to five years due to fractured teeth.

Our Goumis, Illinois Everbearing Mulberries and 4 variety of hops are delayed in Vancouver, and will not arrive till Monday, so for those on the waiting list, you will receive your call soon, and we may have a few extras, though they seem to go quick.   Email us if you wish to be on the backup list for any of the extra items.

See some of you tomorrow, Saturday between 10 am and 2 pm.

Sweet Fuyu Persimmon
Illinois EverBearing Mulberry
Tasmania Vine
Sezchuan Pepper tree
Hops (Willamete, Sterling, Cascade)
Kosor Elderberry
Ready to go for Saturday Sept 20…
Today almost all the Meyer lemons, all Sepp Holzer edible lupines, and most of the European Arbequina olives disappeared, plus autumn olives, dwarf sour cherries, and various apples.
Someone out there with Danish Heritage was interested in the combo apple, Belle de Boskoop /Triumph de Boskoop. If you know who you are, let me know and I will set it aside.

Gord and Ann


2 responses to “What’s the news at Eco-Sense? Updated Sat. 13th

  1. Lovely to hear of such realized cornucopia!! We are still picking plums from Italian prune plum trees that no one wants- 65 pounds so far. Unreal to have food rotting on the ground. Have fun today you two. Would love to be there. sigh.

  2. We would LOVE your plums…too bad you are there and we are here. Hugs from us to you.

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