3 Notices: Two-day course, Perennial Plants, Anti-Spam

Hi Everyone, Have you ever wanted to post this ad on Used Victoria?
Free to a good home, one husband, slightly used, somewhat self grooming, almost house trained. Has a good understanding of plants and mechanical systems, but a poor understanding of complex (female) systems.   Does not multi-task very well.  He will work for food, and is highly motivated by beer.   If you already have one of these, I have empathy, sorry not open to trade.

DSCN3641Here is a brilliant idea I came up with and it’s even better than husband recycling…  train your husband to listen to and understand mother nature and to do what you say.  This training can occur either through husband daycare, slyly called “Permaculture Systems In Action” where Solara (of Hatchet and Seed)  and myself (Ann) will train your husbands how to understand integrated systems, using ours as examples, or  better yet come yourself and see how we train these stubborn handsome hard working creatures to work with and understand our complex systems… using permaculture design principles applied to plants, rain water, grey water, composting, solar, soil, animal and other systems to drive the point home… that nothing is separate.      Bring your husband – leash is required, must be muzzled and fragrance free.

(Notes on above:  Could be role reversed and gender neutral…just insert appropriate pronouns and descriptions.  Can anyone guess who wrote this?  Ok, for a more serious take, see short update below)

Hello,  Here are three notices from Eco-Sense.

2dayposter1.  Next weekend (July 12th and 13th), we are offering a 2-day course:  Permaculture Systems in Action: A 2-Day Introduction to Permaculture Design.  In this course, we’ll introduce the concepts and then show you many examples of what it can look like.  You will be immersed in what it is like to live in a system where everything is connected, whether it is plant, animal (including humans), water, energy, social, food, financial, solar or building systems… you’ll see it all.  Two Gardens and four instructors in partnership with Hatchet & Seed.  Check out this link to learn the details and register.  https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/permaculture-systems-in-action-a-2-day-introduction-to-permaculture-design-tickets-11818781293

Tour group in front of Eco-Hut (office for farm business)

Tour group in front of Eco-Hut (office for farm business)

Eco-Sense Farm Gate Sales for Perennial Plants.  First spring season was an incredible success…on so many levels.  We really enjoyed meeting so many new faces and connecting with old friends.  Some people came to buy plants or eggs and some just to say hi and walk around the gardens.  It was all good and our farm business looks to be financially and socially viable while meeting our needs to share and connect with people learning about adapting to our changing climate.  If you wish to buy plants over the summer please send us an email (gord@eco-sense.ca) to set up a time.  Our next farm gate open house for perennial edible plants will be Saturday Sept 6, 2014 from 10am – 2pm.  Also, we are looking for 2 gallon or bigger pots.  If you would like to recycle your pots with us please send us an email.  As a thank you, we can offer you a very nice Oca plant.  We call this tubers for tubs.

3.  Anti Spam legislation.  Our first email regarding this new law has resulted in 40% of the people on our list giving permission.  This is exceptionally high for one email.  Wow.  We sure feel appreciated with all your kind messages too.  This email today is the last bulk email to our full list and your last chance to let us know you wish to continue getting emails from us.  So, if you haven’t sent us your consenting email please do so here:  Express Consent – click here and press send  If this doesn’t work for you just send us an email saying you give your consent for Eco-Sense to send you emails.
That’s all.  Thanks!  Ann and Gord10256798_695439347166001_7225618944550495375_n

2 responses to “3 Notices: Two-day course, Perennial Plants, Anti-Spam

  1. Tom and Denise

    Hi I would like to exchange an oca plants for some pots. Let me know how many you need. Thanks Denise

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