SAT April 26th 10-3pm at Eco-Sense

Spring greetings from Eco-Sense!

Tomorrow (Saturday April 26th), marks the first day of our new FARM business here at Eco-Sense.  This is not your average farm gate sales.  We are focusing on plants specifically selected for local food security, resilience, and adaptation.  More specifically, these are Permaculture Plants consisting mostly of perennials often incorporated into a Food Forest, which means that once planted they will produce food and ecosystem benefits for years to come.  If you don’t know what permaculture plants are you may be interested in an upcoming workshop on May 10 put on by our Friends at Hatchet & Seed Edible Landscaping.  Registration here:
Farm Gate Sales Open House Details:
Open house dates:  Don’t worry if you can’t make it out to Eco-Sense this saturday as we will be having farm gate sales every Saturday all spring…and then every sat this fall.  Check out our website for up to date information.  We also book private appointments for people who cannot make it out on saturdays and are interested in many of our plants.   Here is a price list of just some of our plants currently for sale…it will be changing all the time:

Page 1 price list

Page 1 price list


Page 2 price list

Paying for stuff:  We accept cash and cheques.  Sorry, no credit cards.  
What’s for sale?  As mentioned we will be selling mostly perennial plants but will also have some seeds available and other garden items throughout the season as we have extra. Anyone like kale?  Tis the season for kale and cabbage shoots.  Eggs will also be part of our farm gate sales especially this fall as our chicken and duck flocks increase.  Currently we will only have an extra 1-2 doz eggs per week as our neighbours have been buying all our eggs up.  Once you’ve eaten truly free range eggs from happy chickens, there’s no going back.  Please bring appropriate packaging materials for your purchases…box, bag, etc.
Pets:  We have a very affectionate and annoying dog named Boo.  Please don’t let him jump up on you…he responds to body language, so just turn your back on him…this works with Gord too.  We also have a very friendly DUCK named Mudpuddle…she LOVES people, so please don’t step on Mudpuds.  Please leave your pets at home as our dog, chickens, chicks, duck, and ducklings would be upset by a temporary addition to the zoo.  Even if your pets are well behaved, ours are not.

Mudpuds leading a tour

Mudpud leading a tour

Parking will be interesting:  If you think you might be just coming to check it out or buy only a couple little items, you may wish to park at the bottom of the hill and walk up…our driveway could be a bottle neck and parking is limited up top.  Check out the attached Eco-Sense map for parking options.  Gord and I are going to have a go at the driveway with pick-axes and shovels this afternoon to create a wide spot for cars to pass.  Wish us luck!
Map of Eco-Sense:  
Eco-Sense Map:  Parking at bottom of both driveways or up top.

Eco-Sense Map: Parking at bottom of both driveways or up top.

Pathways:  You are welcome to wander around and look at gardens and the food forest while you are here, but please stay on the pathways and watch where you step.  We have PLANTS everywhere that are young and just getting started.  The wild flowers are also out in FULL BLOOM and BEAUTIFUL.
It’s been a busy week around here as we’ve had 6 tours, tonnes of emails, and are getting ready for the open house.

Tour group in front of Eco-Hut (office for farm business)

Tour group in front of Eco-Hut (office for farm business)

Thanks for sharing in our new Eco-Sense journey.
Hugs to everyone,
Ann and Gord

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