PEAK MOMENT Episode #230

An Eco-Sense House – Natural Building, Natural Living

Virtual tour and conversation from Sept 2010 – 44 min:

PM230_640The Eco-Sense House is alive! From dream (see episode 103) to reality. Its curving cob walls embrace Ann and Gord Baird’s three-generation family. A living roof offers summer cooling and filters winter rains stored for garden water. The composting toilet provides rich soil for the veggie gardens, which supply much of the family’s food. This “net zero energy” house uses the sun for electricity, hot water, and warm floors. Tour this small-footprint house, designed as part of the ecosystem surrounding it. Episode 230.

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Eco-Sense is Still looking for neighbours…and we have new ideas:

Ann and Gord

NEW IDEA:   With the right people, maybe we could buy the house across the street together.   We are interested in the Joel Salatin model of working together on the land with shared values, individual passions, partnerships, teamwork, and everyone making a living in a synergistic way…stacking functions on the land.  If you know what this means and you have a passion for permaculture, have lots of skills, are entrepreneurial and innovative, have a joy of learning, an open mind, overflowing passion/energy, have strong communication and community values, walk the talk, and are a local food omnivore, send us an email ( to discuss.  Endless possibilities to make a living doing what you are passionate about.  Our lower garden area could have greenhouses, meeting places, teaching areas, community gardens, food swaps, value added food/medicinals, plant propagation/seed saving, pond, aquaculture, etc, etc.  This opportunity could work with one family/couple owning with us, and one renting…this would be an ideal situation for the younger generation to get their foot in the door.     Who knows how this could evolve.  Anyone have any ideas?

Ann and Gord

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  1. Oh my – this would be wonderful! Wish I could find a way 😀

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